20 Tips to Prevent Back Pain

20 Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Look after your back and your back will look after you. Your back is strong and perfectly capable of holding you up, without complaining, for the whole of your life. Treat it well and you need never suffer from back pain again.

Below are listed 20 useful tips to remember in reducing the risk of back strain:

  1. Stand tall.
  2. Do not let weight bear on one leg for too long at a time.
  3. Arrange any bench work (and this includes kitchen surfaces, ironing and washing, etc) at the correct height. This height for you can easily be found by standing against the bench and relaxing the arms. The correct height for the bench for you is at wrist level. It is better on the whole for the bench to be too high than too low.
  4. Avoid any sustained bending forwards.
  5. Sit with adequate support.
  6. When lifting any weight, keep the weight close to your body. Keep the back as straight as possible. Use your hips and knees to bend.
  7. Avoid like the plague a combination of lifting and twisting with a bent back. This is probably the most severe mechanical stress you can put on your back.
  8. If you have to sneeze, sneeze upwards rather than downwards. Arch your back backwards when coughing.
  9. Carry two small suitcases rather than one heavy one.
  10. If you have to lift repeatedly, keep each lift to a reasonable minimum even if this takes twice as long.
  11. Supermarket shopping is a risk in modern life because of the tendency to overload the basket. It is sensible to transfer the food into a basket on wheels, and when lifting the goods into the car, great care should be taken, especially if the angle is awkward. It is far better to take time unloading individual articles than to lift a whole box of groceries.
  12. Don’t sag or slump.
  13. Choose a chair which is the right height for you so that you can avoid leaning forward all the time.
  14. Choose a car by its seat and not by the engine.
  15. Compensate for badly designed seats with firm pillows in the small of the back to prevent sagging.
  16. Avoid chairs whose horizontal surface is too long for your thighs.
  17. Refrain from sitting in deck chairs.
  18. Don’t get your back cold; this means that, if you find yourself sweating, cool down slowly rather than rapidly.
  19. For neck sufferers avoid heavy lifting, pulling and pushing strains. Keep away from painting the ceiling and stargazing. Don’t reach too high. Use firm pillows and avoid prone lying.
  20. Counteract nervous stresses by relaxation and outdoor exercise. Swim every week.

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