500 Calories a Day Meal Plan

Eating 500 Calories a Day

These 500-calorie diets work wonders for those who can’t stick to a slower reducing plan but return in despair to their old eating habits, envying the slender girls in hot pants.

A crash diet boosts the morale by ridding you quickly of the first 10 pounds. After the initial 10-pound loss you can go on a far less rigid diet, watching the scales, and lose the rest slowly and surely.

So choose the one you fancy most from these 15 meal plans to eat 500 calories a day.

1. The 4-Day Diet Plan

For those of you who like to live it up from Friday to Sunday, this diet plan is perfect. Stick to the following menus on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

You should lose about 7 pounds, depending on your activities and metabolism. However, one word of caution: while you may eat a normal, well-balanced, and varied diet on the weekends, don’t go overboard with sweets and starches.


  • BREAKFAST: One glass of orange juice and one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Two grilled lamb chops and two sliced tomatoes.
  • DINNER: Grilled steak, two sliced tomatoes, one grapefruit, and black tea or coffee.


  • BREAKFAST: One glass of orange juice and one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Grilled lamb chop, hard-boiled egg, a large serving of spinach.
  • DINNER: One grilled hamburger (no roll), half a cup green beans, one grilled tomato.


  • BREAKFAST: One glass of orange juice and one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Same as first-day lunch, with one glass orange juice.
  • DINNER: Two scrambled eggs, two tomatoes, one serving of fruit gelatin.


  • BREAKFAST: One glass of orange juice and one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Grilled steak, two tomatoes, orange juice.
  • DINNER: Two grilled lamb chops, two tomatoes, black coffee, and one glass of orange juice.

2. The 9-Day Wonder Diet

This diet consists of three menus, each of which should be repeated three times in the course of your 9-day plan.

Menu 1

  • BREAKFAST: Black coffee with sugar.
  • LUNCH: One orange, apple, or pear.
  • DINNER: One cup of clear broth.

Menu 2

  • BREAKFAST: Stewed prunes, black coffee with sugar, one slice whole-wheat toast with cottage cheese.
  • LUNCH: Tomato juice, lettuce, and tomato salad with low-calorie dressing, one cup skim milk.
  • DINNER: Grilled calf’s liver, one cup green beans, one apple or pear, black coffee with sugar.

Menu 3

  • BREAKFAST: Orange juice, one poached egg, tea with lemon and sugar.
  • LUNCH: One cup vegetable soup, tomato stuffed with cottage cheese, one slice whole-wheat toast, tea with lemon and sugar.
  • DINNER: Small grilled steak, boiled carrots, one cup rice, orange and grapefruit salad, black coffee with sugar.

3. The “Dinner Only” Diet

  • BREAKFAST: Coffee or tea with milk, a glass of orange or grapefruit juice.
  • LUNCH: One apple, pear, or other low-calorie fruit in season, coffee, or tea with milk.
  • DINNER: Small grilled steak or breast of chicken with the skin removed, lettuce and tomato salad with low-calorie dressing, half a cantaloupe, coffee or tea with milk, rye toast, one slice fresh pineapple.
  • AFTER-DINNER SNACKS (optional): Two are allowed, but they should be taken two hours apart. They are:
    • Coffee, tea, skim milk, or yogurt.
    • One-piece fresh fruit.

This is an excellent diet for people who tend to skip breakfast and eat little for lunch and who only get hungry in the evening. These people usually like to nibble after dinner, and that is why the provision is made for after-dinner snacks if desired.

4. The Rapid and Easy Grilled Diet

  • BREAKFAST: Half a grilled grapefruit with one tablespoon yogurt, two slices melba toast, black coffee or tea with lemon, OR One small grilled fish fillet (flounder, haddock, bream), one cup orange juice, one slice whole-wheat toast, black coffee or tea with lemon.
  • LUNCH: One small grilled steak, one grilled tomato seasoned with oregano, one small serving of chilled melon balls, black coffee or tea with lemon, OR One small slice grilled liver topped with grilled onion and seasoned with lemon juice, one slice chilled cantaloupe, black coffee or tea with lemon.
  • DINNER: One grilled lean lamb chop, one serving boiled or steamed asparagus, two pieces melba toast, black coffee, OR Grilled chicken breast, tossed green salad, one slice whole-wheat toast, black coffee.

5. “Eat Out” Diet

Anyone who works in offices or other places outside the home complain that it is easy enough to diet at home but that when they have to eat at restaurants or take lunches to work a rapid-loss diet becomes hard to follow.

But, while a few girls actually eat 3 meals a day outside the home every day, it is possible to do so and still take off pounds.

  • BREAKFAST (either at home or not): One cup orange juice, one poached egg on unbuttered toast, or one boiled egg, one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH (take it from home): One cup tuna and celery salad in thermos container, two slices melba toast, one small container cottage cheese, one medium apple, pear, or other fresh fruit in season, black coffee or tea. (These can probably be made at the office.)
  • DINNER: Green salad, grilled steak or hamburger (no roll), green beans, gelatin dessert OR fresh fruit salad, black coffee, or tea.

6. The “Mixed-Up Salad” Diet

  • BREAKFAST: Fruit salad made with sliced orange, grapefruit, strawberries; one slice whole-wheat toast, black coffee. Diced apples and pears in a half cantaloupe or honeydew melon, one slice raisin toast, black coffee.
  • LUNCH: Vegetable-meat salad made with diced cold roast beef, one tomato, lettuce, diced celery, chives, one cup chicken soup, tea with lemon. Sliced egg, lettuce, tomato, sliced radishes, one cup vegetable beef soup, black coffee.
  • DINNER: Quarter-pound cooked prawns with lettuce, diced celery, lemon-juice dressing. Tea with lemon. Salmon salad with lettuce, green beans, green pepper, celery, onion, black coffee, slice rye toast with 2oz cottage cheese.

7. The Apples-Every-Day Diet

Note the apple snacks, three times daily.

  • BREAKFAST: One glass apple juice, one poached egg on whole-wheat toast, coffee with skim milk.
  • MID-MORNING: One large, tasty apple.
  • LUNCH: Celery and apple salad, lemon juice dressing, cottage cheese, one slice whole-wheat toast, very little butter, coffee with skim milk, or tea with lemon.
  • MID-AFTERNOON: One large, tasty apple.
  • DINNER: Diced apple and pear salad (one cup), grilled steak OR lean lamb chop, serving of spinach, one small baked potato (no butter), half a cantaloupe, coffee with skim milk or tea with lemon.
  • BEDTIME: One large, tasty apple.

NOTE: Besides taking off unwanted pounds, the apple diet is rich in vitamins. Apples add needed bulk to the diet and help prevent the digestive problems that sometimes occur on other diets.

8. The Basic Diet

  • BREAKFAST: One small glass tomato juice, two poached eggs, one slice rye toast, black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Half a grapefruit, half a roast chicken breast, two stalks celery, ½ cup green beans, black coffee or tea.
  • DINNER: Grilled sirloin steak, half a cup steamed mushrooms, half a cup spinach, half a cup turnip, one slice whole wheat bread, salad of two lettuce leaves, one tomato, lemon-juice dressing, one glass skim milk, two slices-fresh pineapples, black tea or coffee.

NOTE: While this diet is not as extreme as some of the others, it is more varied and therefore easier for some people to follow for an extended period.

9. The High-Energy Seafood Diet

Since fish has only about one-half to two-thirds the calories found in equal amounts of meat, it is ideal for reducing. It is also a rich source of fluoride and phosphorus.

  • BREAKFAST: One small grilled bream fillet with lemon juice, one cup orange juice, one slice rye toast, black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: One tomato stuffed with prawns and celery, one-half cup steamed carrots, one-half cup boiled spinach, melba toast, black coffee, or tea. (Can vary by stuffing tomato with crab meat, tuna, or salmon.)
  • DINNER: Oysters and mushrooms on melba toast (use six medium oysters and saute mushrooms in one half tablespoon polyunsaturated oil), small serving lettuce, and tomatoes, one slice rye toast, one cup of orange and grapefruit sections, black coffee or tea.

10. The Egg and Tomato Diet

  • BREAKFAST: One small glass of tomato juice, one hard-boiled egg, one slice Whole-wheat toast, coffee with skim milk.
  • LUNCH: One hard-boiled egg, sliced, with one tomato, lettuce, one slice rye bread, no butter, tea with lemon – no sugar.
  • DINNER: One poached egg on rye toast with one sliced grilled tomato, coffee with skim milk, one small wedge of honeydew melon or cantaloupe.

While a diet based on only two foods may seem monotonous, this is part of dieting psychology in certain cases. Doctors have discovered that the extreme simplicity of such a diet causes the dieter to eat when hungry, not simply for enjoyment.

11. The Two-Per-Day Diet

While most people are used to 3 meals a day, some prefer to skip lunch for one reason or another.

If one meal a day is to be skipped, it should be lunch rather than breakfast, since you have not eaten since dinner the night before. Your two-per-day menu means 2 meals a day, and here it is:

  • BREAKFAST: One orange, one half slice toast, one small serving grilled lean meat, such as steak, OR small serving of grilled fish (no eggs are permitted), one cup chopped boiled spinach or green beans, black coffee or tea, no sugar.
  • DINNER: One small apple, one half slice toast, one small serving of grilled or steamed chicken, one cup cooked carrots, onions, green beans (any low-calorie vegetable is all right), black coffee or tea, no sugar.

12. The Beautifying and Purifying Fruit Diet

This is a diet for those who want a lovelier skin, as well as a slender figure.

  • BREAKFAST: One cup apple juice, one cup berries in season (no cream or sugar, but can use a little skim milk if desired), one wedge honeydew melon or cantaloupe.
  • LUNCH: One cup blackberry and pineapple juice mixed, one bunch grapes (about one cup), three slices fresh pineapple with as much cottage cheese as is reasonably desired.
  • DINNER: One cup apricot, orange, and pineapple juice mixed, one half grilled grapefruit topped with one tablespoon plain yogurt, one cup stewed prunes or apricots seasoned with cinnamon sticks and flavored with lemon.

13. The “Family Meals” Diet for One Only

  • BREAKFAST: Half a cup of stewed apricots, one lean lamb chop, grilled, one slice rye toast, black coffee or tea.
  • LUNCH: Fruit cup containing half a fresh peach, berries in season, diced pineapple, one slice roast beef, one cup spinach, one slice melba toast, black coffee or tea.
  • DINNER: One cup vegetable soup, one grilled fillet bream, or a slice of flounder with lemon juice, one slice whole-wheat toast, one glass skim milk.

NOTE: This diet is balanced and general enough for you to stay on it and lose weight while serving the rest of your family a more substantial, yet balanced, diet.

To do this, simply have the others add to each meal the number of calories they desire.

For example, there is no need for others to take their coffee black. They can, if they wish, add butter to their toast and vegetables. They may also have dessert with dinner.

14. The “Every-Other-Day” Diet Plan

On this diet, you may eat a satisfying menu not too different from the non-dieters menu – but you can only eat it every other day.

You might want 3 days on the “non-dieter” diet or 4, depending on how rapidly you want to lose weight. On such days, you may plan a well-balanced diet as:

For “non-diet” days

  • BREAKFAST: Two eggs (soft-boiled or poached), one half cup orange juice, one-half cup skim milk or black coffee or tea, one slice whole-wheat toast with one pat of butter.
  • LUNCH: One half medium grapefruit, half a small grilled chicken or one small slice lean ham, boiled peas, green salad, and boiled carrots, one small slice plain pound cake, black coffee or tea with lemon.
  • DINNER: Jellied consomme, grilled steak, baked potato, one half cup lima beans, one small soft roll, one piece fruit, coffee with skim milk, and one lump sugar, if desired, or tea with skim milk and one lump sugar.

For your “diet” days

On your alternate days, however, you will have to stick to an extremely restricted diet plan, such as:

  • BREAKFAST: One boiled egg and one-half cup skim milk.
  • LUNCH: One small green salad and one cup of black coffee or tea.
  • DINNER: One plain hamburger (no roll) and one half cup unsweetened fruit salad.

You can vary it a bit – but only to the extent of substituting a lamb chop (with all fat trimmed off) for the hamburger, a medium-sized apple or pear for the fruit salad, etc.

15. The “Iron Rich” Diet

  • BREAKFAST: One small glass orange juice, grilled liver, and bacon (2 slices, crisp), black coffee, or tea.
  • LUNCH: One cup tomato soup, one grilled hamburger, boiled onions, one-half cup cooked spinach, one cup stewed apricots or fresh apricots, one slice whole-wheat toast.
  • DINNER: Stewed prunes with lemon juice, baked liver, one cup boiled spinach, one serving cabbage and carrot salad, one slice whole-wheat toast, black coffee, or tea.

NOTE: While the liver is an excellent source of iron, other lean meats, fish, and poultry are also good sources of this important mineral. If you want to get away from the liver, on alternate days while on this diet, you can substitute a small grilled steak, a piece of grilled fish or chicken for the liver as a main dish.

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