How to Be More Beautiful

How to Be Naturally Pretty

Short or tall, big or small – blonde, brunette, or redhead – what’s the thing all beauties have in common? That’s right! It’s a sparkling, clear complexion, a newly groomed, fresh look.

What can I do to be more beautiful?

Grooming may sound as dull as oatmeal, but it’s the key to pleasing people with your looks. Beauty is not just a gift it’s a reward – for method and persistence.

There is no mysterious “beauty secret” involved. Ways and means of becoming more beautiful are outlined in this article. You can put them to work for yourself.

Good looks call for an intelligent, diligent approach to skincare, diet, makeup, fashion.

Not all complexion beautifiers are applied directly to the face. Some of the very best ones do their work from the inside rather than the outside.

Water is nature’s own complexion aid. For a clear complexion, it is important to drink plenty of water every day. Six to eight glasses a day is considered the beauty minimum.

Other wonderful “inside” complexion toners are orange juice, carrots, fresh fruits of all kinds, and leafy green vegetables.

A thorough morning and evening face washing is a must for a pretty complexion. Models, whose faces are their fortunes, always wash theirs three times a day. The midday cleansing is especially necessary after photographic work when heavier makeup is worn.

If you wear makeup, use a cleansing cream or lotion to remove it before you start your face-washing ritual. Tie your hair back and wash your hands thoroughly, then spread a thin layer of cleansing cream on your face, and tissue off. Repeat if necessary. After your makeup has been removed, wash your face in the manner described in this article.

Special eye-makeup remover will remove remnants of eye makeup. Be gentle with your complexion. Don’t scrub. Let the cream and lather do the work for you. After your makeup has been removed, wash your face.

Too much oil on the skin’s surface is the most common problem of young skins.

You should wash an oily skin three times a day, but if your midday schedule does not allow for a soap-and-water cleansing, substitute a quick cleansing with oil-removing astringent pads, which you can carry in your handbag.

Cover-up is important for the ego, but I cannot stress too strongly that you must approach the problem of an oily or disturbed skin from the inside, by cutting down on your intake of oily foods.

Couple this with thorough face cleansing to remove the oil from the skin’s surface and combat the blackheads and pimples it collects.

There are three vital rules to be followed in the treatment of acne or any form of skin disturbance:

  1. Avoid oily and fatty foods.
  2. Never pinch or squeeze your face.
  3. Wash your face often.

These three rules are so important that you ought to print them on a piece of paper, post them in a prominent position, and read them every single day.

How do you properly wash your face for a beautiful complexion?

Here is the proper way to wash your face for a lovelier complexion. These guides apply to everyone, regardless of the type of skin you may have. This method will help you avoid complexion problems as well as help correct any you may already have.

  1. Throw away your washcloths. (Well, you don’t have to throw them away, just save them for scrubbing the rest of you.) Washcloths are rough on tender complexions and are hiding places for bacteria.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin to wash your face. Make sure your fingernails are clean because bacteria lodge in these crevices.
  3. Choose a mild, pure soap.
  4. Keep your hair back from your face with a headband.
  5. With clean hands, dash lukewarm water over your face.
  6. Work up a lather with your soap and gently work the lather into the skin. Don’t neglect the hairline, neck, and ears.
  7. Cup your hands and fill with lukewarm water. Dash away the lather. Rinse your skin several times to make sure all soap is removed.
  8. Now dash cold water over your face. This will help close your pores and will give your face a nice tingling sensation.
  9. Blot (do not rub) your face dry with a clean, soft towel. (Many models prefer absorbent paper towels for this purpose.)

Foods to avoid if you have disturbed skin

  • Fried foods of all kinds.
  • Fish canned in oil.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Fatty meats such as pork, bacon, sausages, salami.
  • Rich cakes and pastries.
  • Nuts.
  • Chocolate.
  • Gravies.
  • Oily salad dressings.


Blackheads are bits of dirt and bacteria lodged beneath the skin’s surface. A faithful ritual of face washing in the manner described will usually make them disappear. But the most important advice is: Do not squeeze blackheads.

Normal or dry skins are usually less of a problem to their owners than oily, disturbed skins, particularly in these days of excellent moisturizers and skin foods.

A good moisturizer is beneficial to nearly all skins. One word of warning about skinfoods – they are intended to be used quite sparingly, not left on the face in a thick layer overnight. Regularity, not quantity, is the key to success in using a rich cream.

The greatest enemy of the dry skinned is too much sun.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you’ve acquired a basic tan your skin can be exposed without damage.

A smooth, even tan is a summer-time beauty asset, to be sure, but careless exposure to the sun can result in blisters, raw patches, and unsightly peeling.

Having your suntan and a good skin

Arlene Dahl, the glamorous red-headed actress, whose flawless, creamy complexion has established her as one of the world’s all-time beauties, once told me that she considered suntanning a skin poison.

Many women who were careless suntan addicts in their teens have paid the price with leathery, coarse complexions in their thirties and after.

You can have your sun, and a smooth complexion, if you are always careful to provide a protective shield.

Douse yourself liberally with a sunscreen cream, protect your hair with a beach hat, and wear sunglasses to prevent squint lines. Put a sensible time limit on your tanning sessions.

Your face is not the only part of you to need protection from the sun, of course. Almost everyone thinks of oiling or creaming back and shoulders on the beach, but there are other skin areas – necks, elbows, hands, feet, and ankles – which are often unaccountably overlooked.

Your neck is exposed a great deal. It needs special protection.

Neck and hands, in particular, take a beating in cold weather, too. Give your neck its share of skinfood and moisturizer, as well as your face, and use a hand cream – often.

Sallow skin

A sallow skin is often related to your general living and eating habits. Check your diet to make sure you are getting a full quota of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Another obvious cure is outdoor exercise. Swimming, tennis, brisk walking will bring a rosy tingle to sallow cheeks.

Contemporary cosmetics are a boon to sallow skins. A blusher or a foundation with a pinkish cast will camouflage a lackluster complexion, but remember that these are only temporary foolers.

Dark circles under the eyes

A logical cure for dark circles under your eyes is more sleep. However, circles can also be an inherent skin problem. You can conceal them by carefully blending a lighter tone of foundation in the darkened area, then applying your regular shade of foundation to the rest of your face.

Experiment with the white creams or sticks used for eye contouring. Apply a touch of white cream under your regular foundation. Then blend your usual tinted foundation carefully over the area.

Think beautiful

It is always more tempting to think in terms of “instant beauty” rather than long-range improvements. A new lipstick, a new hairdo, or a new shade of eyeshadow is lots more enticing than repeated face-washings.

But the slickest lips and grooviest hairstyles are not going to set you up as a beauty unless you have a fresh, clean, smooth complexion to go with them.

Makeup tricks and fashion fads are great, but all the time and money you pour into them are not going to pay off unless the basic YOU has been carefully tended to.

It takes know-how and determination. The basic know-how is supplied in this article. The determination is up to you.

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