50 Tips on How to Be Pretty Naturally

Our head-to-toe guide shows how you can be pretty and feel on top of the world: a fragrant bath with oil or herbs, traces of your scent wherever you go, pretty nails and glossy hair.

Pretty, Prettier and Prettiest

Here are 50 ways to look pretty naturally:

  1. Loose powder leaves a residue in eyebrows. Use a brush to remove excess then contour the brow.
  2. If you put a little scent onto your third finger and run it across each brow you will keep them looking sleek. Smells sweeter too.
  3. Dark brows look harsh if your hair is fair. Lighten them with a cream facial bleach. Effectiveness depends on time the bleach stays on.
  4. Pluck stray hairs out every three or four days. Don’t wait until brows look shaggy. Choose sharp, slanted tweezers that will pick up hair easily. Soothe with skin tonic.
  5. Mascara clogs lashes but you can avoid this if you use a special lash comb when the mascara is almost dry to separate them. Open your mouth when making-up eyes, you won’t blink.
  6. Always carry a hand mirror for spot checks. Temperature changes can cause makeup to wilt and you may not find a mirror when you need one most.
  7. Lip gloss is not known for its staying power. But for a special moment, such as having a photograph taken, it gives a polished finish.
  8. If you blend your moisturizer with your base makeup (equal amounts of each) you will achieve a soft even coloring across the skin. You can still cover blemishes if you use a concealer stick under base makeup.
  9. Always use a translucent loose powder for the smoothest finish. It will ensure a makeup lasts up to seven hours. Take a cotton wool ball and dust upwards to remove excess.
  10. Your eye pencil will slide more easily if you warm it on a lamp bulb. This favorite trick of top makeup artists helps to achieve a soft, smudged look. Use immediately for the best results around your eyes.
  11. Consider your body as a motor car. Rev it up each day with a bout of exercise. Skipping or running will leave you feeling sharper.
  12. Not everybody needs eight hours sleep each night but it is a fair guide. Sleep is one of your three basic beauty needs, along with a good diet and plenty of exercise.
  13. If you feel low on energy, check that you are eating a balanced diet. Consider a course of multi-vitamin pills. The B-complex vitamins help the body deal with stress.
  14. Check your posture. If it is bad, you’ll feel sluggish. Imagine a line running from ears to shoulders, hips, knees, middle of your feet. Now you are standing perfectly.
  15. This breathing exercise is a quick cure for fatigue. Sit cross-legged and hang your head. Breathe in deeply, filling the bottom of your lungs. Now exhale slowly. Repeat the action for five minutes.

  16. Facial toner in a spray is a boon. Use it as a toner on cleansed skin before moisturizing, as a pick-up or in a short burst to set makeup.
  17. Transfer your usual toner into a plant spray, available from florists. The sensation when the toner hits the skin is tingling sharp.
  18. Don’t be misled about the sun’s burning rays. Even on cloudy days they are still strong, so it is vital to use a sunblock each morning.
  19. Use your moisturizing cream around the back of the neck, too. Or try a hand cream if you prefer to use expensive face cream sparingly.
  20. Consider the sun as your free beauty bonus. It’s your best source of vitamin D, which is vital for healthy skin, teeth and bones.
  21. Lips can become sore and chapped at any time of the year. Wear a protecting salve at all times, including under lipstick or gloss.
  22. Don’t dismiss face masks as time-consuming or messy. You will find it more effective if you apply before your bath or shower. The steam will help the mask penetrate.
  23. Most women prefer to wash their faces with soap or at least splash with cool water after a thorough cleansing. Take a soft towel and pat very gently against the skin.
  24. Body skin dries out just as facial skin so if you bare your legs this summer, a daily application of cream will smooth away rough skin.
  25. Sloughing body skin with a loofah removes dead, flaky surface cells and brings a warm, healthy glow.
  26. If you are nervous or under stress, try drinking herbal tea in place of your usual tea or coffee. Mint and Chamomile are very soothing.
  27. Staving off hunger pangs with sweets and biscuits just creates a vicious circle. The sugar they contain satisfies you at first but the effect soon wears off, leaving you craving more food. Don’t turn your nose up at raw carrots, celery or fruit. They are great natural beauty foods.
  28. Sparkling mineral water is your best drink if you are watching your weight. Delicious with a lice of lemon.
  29. Your calorie needs vary according to daily physical activities but most women will lose weight on 1500 calories a day. Carry a pocket counter with you to check calorie values of everything you eat.
  30. Many people find exercise quells hunger pangs altogether. Even if this does not happen, you will feel more calm and relaxed.
  31. Short nails will look their best if they are painted a soft, natural color. Choose lots of bracelets rather than rings to take attention away from your fingers to your wrists. Ruffled cuffs have the same effect.
  32. If you wear more than one ring you can develop tiny skin calluses. Avoid them by swapping rings around. Massage in hand cream. A pumice stone will leave the skin soft.
  33. If you find your nail polish tends to chip easily, don’t keep redoing it but touch up the tips to help preserve the nail’s strength.
  34. Nails get forgotten in winter but with warmer weather coming you should think about painting them. Never use clashing colors on toes and fingers.
  35. If you have naturally well-shaped fingernails, they will look fabulous just buffed. You should use the buff against the grain of the nail for healthy shine.

  36. Instant hair help is at hand with ribbons, combs, scarves. Never tie back your hair with a rubber band, it will tear and split the ends. Choose covered “elastic” bands.
  37. Hair that lacks body will improve instantly with a conditioning mousse. Give it seconds to dry then brush hair into shape.
  38. Hairspray will be less visible if you first spray it on to your hair brush. Repeat the spray and brush action about three times each.
  39. A warm almond or olive oil treatment still remains the best solution for dry, over-bleached hair. Use your fingertips to massage in, leave five minutes and wash.
  40. Brushing is good for your hair but only when done correctly. The old-fashioned 100 strokes is unkind to hair but 25 strokes each day will improve its overall condition.
  41. Use your favorite scent all round, wearing scent is an art. Put essence in your bath: keep empty scent bottles in your wardrobe, carry an atomizer in your bag.
  42. Badly fitting shoes mean bad posture. Check yours by drawing an outline of your bare foot (no socks). If the outline is larger than the shoe sole, shoes are too small.
  43. A carefully acquired tan makes you look prettier and feel better. Tan in a solarium if you want to start before heading for the beach.
  44. Best summer makeup to flatter a tan will have strong hints of bronze and gold colors.
  45. Your smile is one of your best beauty assets. You should floss away plaque between the teeth and use an antiseptic mouthwash.
  46. A bath is a delicious bonus. Not only do you get peace and quiet, you can toss in a handful of herbs or bath oil and emerge glowing.
  47. A splash of eye drops is to red and tired eyes what a brisk shower is to your body.
  48. Choose easy-care fabrics. Nothing looks worse than nasty wrinkles. Pure fabrics always seem to crease more easily than a mix containing some man-made fibers.
  49. Invest in a really good haircut, long hair can look flat and lack bounce. Subtle layering makes a big difference and shorter hair is easier to wash and care for.
  50. Tell yourself you’ll look terrific, make new summer resolutions. Remember a change shows you care about your skin and hair.

People also ask

How to Get Prettier in the Summer

How to Get Prettier in the Summer

Now, at the beginning of our wonderfully long summer, is the time to start making plans for the prettiest season of your life.

Personal daintiness is as much a necessity in one season as in another, but summer demands a greater vigilance in maintaining it.

Take stock of all the delightful things you can do to give your looks a real boost – like having your hair styled in one of the shapely new cuts that make summer maintenance a breeze, or wearing the pearl-luster nail varnishes which are so attractive and delicate looking.

Top to toe grooming is essential. Give yourself a weekly pedicure, and make sure that legs and underarms are smooth and free from fuzz.

Bright sunlight has a nasty habit of spotlighting spotty backs and rough elbows. Take a close-up view of heels, elbows, back, and shoulders, and scrub these areas extra well each day with a good bland soap.

Summer sun is unkind to makeup, and the less you wear in hot weather the better. Fortunately, most young people seem to aim for a light, natural look these days.

If you tan easily and well, a shiny skin, a discreet amount of eye makeup that doesn’t show too noticeably, and a bright, lightweight lipstick can look really fetching. Suntan oil will give you the gleaming skin – it’s good for bare, bronzed arms and shoulders, too.

For the evening, try to avoid cosmetics that might streak or look oily when you get hot. A thin, tinted foundation, to help guard against all the drying elements which the season and climate will present, with matching powder should do the trick.

Just for the record, a deodorant removes odor which develops after perspiration has occurred. An antiperspirant closes the pores and stops the glands sending perspiration to the skin surface.

Preparations having both qualities (deodorant with antiperspirant) combine the two functions. For under arms the roll-on type of deodorant does a quick, neat job. For all over, use a spray.

It’s more than worth while to embark on some research in order to establish which preparation is best for you, because worrying about the possibility of perspiration odor only makes it worse.

Deodorants won’t work unless the skin is absolutely clean and dry. They won’t work if soap is left on the skin. After the bath or shower, towel water off in the ordinary way, then wait a few minutes and blot under arms with clean tissue before applying your deodorant.

Your bath towel may leave the areas slightly moist, and this will dilute the strength of the deodorant or antiperspirant. Allow enough time for thorough drying after application for best results.

How to Be Prettier with Little Makeup

How to Be Pretty with Little Makeup

The ideal makeup for all types of young skin in warm weather is a light powder base of some description and a smattering of powder that matches the skin. Or one of the preparations that do the work of both.

The fresh look of this simple makeup is then just a matter of checking and renewing and all you have to do is wash the whole thing off a couple of times a day and begin again.

Lots of girls with dry skins complain that their complexions show flaky patches on warm days and say that frequently their makeup “separates” in an exasperating way.

If this happens, try cleansing with mild soap and lukewarm water, then tone and cool the surface with a mild skin freshener before making-up.

Besides soap and water and mild freshener you can use a light cleansing cream, but for your complexion’s sake go easy on heavy creams. Young skins don’t need them and may turn skittish if overloaded.

Oily skin that perspires a lot on hot days has a nasty habit of making cosmetics look blotchy. Too much natural oil on the skin, with persistent shine on nose, chin, forehead, and cheekbones, plus the tendency to overall coarseness that usually goes with it, can pose a problem in makeup.

Regular cleansing with the right soap – perhaps a medicated one, or soap made specially for oily skin – helps to check clogging of the pores, refines skin texture, and helps control perspiration.

Above all things, oily skin requires spotless cleansing. Always begin makeup with a thorough clean-up and make a point of wiping the face and neck over with astringent or skin tonic before putting on foundation.

The idea is to help control oiliness and provide a completely dry surface for cosmetics.

Don’t use rouge unless you have to – the heat may bring a natural flush to the cheeks and your complexion will look too florid if cheeks are already artificially rosy.

Lipstick that’s drier than usual in texture lasts longer in warm weather. Blot well after application; heavy lipstick can look very shiny and hot.

How to Look Pretty and Different

How to Look Different and Pretty

Work on the theory that first things come first and start your plan-to-be-different by deciding what needs to be done; then economize your time so that attention is given where it is needed.

Take a look. What’s happened to your hair while you’ve been beach combing and sunbathing? Has it grown a bit long, rather straggly at the ends? It probably needs a good trimming or shaping now, and possibly a soft new permanent wave.

Have you allowed the sun to dry your locks into an unmanageable mass? Then get at it with oil treatments, but quick.

Check your hairdo. Maybe you’re a bigger girl now, and that mop of hair should be pruned for symmetry. Perhaps your face and neck are thinner and you need a hairdo with more fullness at the sides.

Has your hairline slipped back? Try the flattery of short, soft bangs – they’re tops in popularity just now. Throat and lower part of face heavier? Have your hair cut shorter or arrange it up off the neck.

Try a new part for hair that has just grown, and lost its look of band-box neatness. Usually hair doesn’t take too kindly to being parted in a different way, but a bit more care in setting and brushing will soon set things right.

How about your skin? Perhaps last year’s skin care program has outlived its usefulness. In the teens oil glands may become more active all of a sudden, making it necessary to wash the face and hair oftener and to use corrective preparations.

If your complexion seems less pretty, inspect it closely in a good light, and make up your mind whether a different sort of makeup would benefit it.

Above all, don’t make the mistake of becoming type-set. Your skin, your hair, your figure inevitably change from year to year. If you keep a sharp lookout that your pretty-looks plan keeps up with you, then you reduce the risk of becoming tired of the way you look.

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