12 Ways to Have Perfect and Beautiful Hair

Care of your hair falls into two departments: keeping it healthy and maintaining its beauty. Here are 12 ways to have perfect and beautiful hair forever:

Beautiful Hair


To have healthy hair, you have to be healthy inside. Specially kind to hair is a measure of OIL in your diet, and plenty of salads.

Daily Brushing

To make each hair spring with well-being, DAILY BRUSHING is a must. A pure bristle brush is better than nylon. It is most like the hair itself, and absorbs and distributes the scalp’s natural oils, keeping each hair lubricated. Nylon is not porous.


Beach weather is coming, and if there’s anything hair hates, it’s an overdose of sun and salt. It cries out for a RINSE after every day’s swimming, and if you are a sun-wallower, a tiny touch of tonic cream brushed in as well.


Hair loves a MASSAGE. Massaging stimulates circulation, feeds the roots from your own blood and there’s no better food.

First, get comfortable. To prevent your arms tiring, sit down, knees apart, put your elbows on your knees and let your head hang down. Now start with the fingertips at your forehead and make working movements up and away from forehead. Repeat this from the nape of the neck.


DANDRUFF is the scale formed by dead cells left lying around the hair roots. There are two types: the mild kind you pick up from the hairdresser’s or from someone else’s comb, and the more serious kind, linked with nervous disorder.

To help get rid of mild dandruff, rub your scalp with a dab of cotton wool soaked in listerine, one or two hours before washing. If the pest persists after several such treatments, sulfur will have to be applied, so then is the time to consult your hairdresser.


The importance of CUTTING has never been realized so much as it is today. Even if you’re going to have a perm, the shaping must be done by the scissors or the perm could be a flop. And don’t chop round at your own hair!


Avoid detergents. Several lines of shampoo on today’s market are detergents (that means soapless), and are definitely not good for your hair.

A specially beautifying and cleansing shampoo you can make yourself is EGG-SHAMPOO. Take one whole egg and the yolk of another, and beat together with a teaspoon of rum. To drown any egg smell, add a drop of perfume.

Pour this mixture on to the dry hair, rub it in, and help it with warm water (not too hot). Don’t expect it to lather, because it won’t, it’s not made that way, but see later how it enhances the color of your locks!


Blondes — shine and soften your hair by rinsing with lemon juice, one-part lemon to two-parts water. Brunettes should choose vinegar instead of lemon, but not the artificial brew.


Part your hair always from the natural crown of your head, but take it to where you like, keeping in mind the shape of your face. A long nose will look longer still under a center parting. A wide flat face will look more so if the parting is right down at the side.


After your shampoo, don’t leave your hair to look after itself. Do something to it to give it shape. Put a pin-curl in here and there to produce a wave or kick in the right direction.

Touching-up The Color

Don’t be afraid to touch up the color, especially if you’re one of those people with mousy hair. It can improve your appearance 100 percent. Use a color rinse you can wash out immediately if you don’t approve.


Perms are a good thing. For baby-fine, too-soft hair, they’re a necessity to give spring to it. And straight-haired people can wear some of the new curly cuts by means of a perm.

2 thoughts on “12 Ways to Have Perfect and Beautiful Hair

  1. The quickest way to a big change in your looks is a new hairdo, and the surest way to have an attractive one always at your fingertips is to know your own hair intimately.

    No one can wear every hairstyle; if the face will take it, the hair may not, and vice-versa. But every girl has a choice of many pleasing variations – if she will take the trouble to seek them out.

    Pick up your comb now and find out what kind of frame “does something” for your face. In general, you’ll find these tried-and-true ground rules useful:

    For a long, narrow face, flattish on top, wide at the sides. For a broad face, high on top, narrow at the sides. To shelter a long chin, a cluster of curls below the ears.

    To camouflage a too low brow, a bang that barely covers the hairline. For a high forehead, a longer bang. For a short neck, hair falling just slightly below the nape. To balance a large nose, fullness just opposite it at the back of the head.

    As a start, comb, part, push, and pin your thatch into the general shape of several hairdos that you would like to wear. When you discover one that flatters your face, take it to your hairdresser or tackle it yourself and repeat until perfected.

  2. Although regular washing and daily brushing are basic essentials for pretty hair, your diet has a direct bearing on the state of your crowning glory.

    Dairy foods of all sorts are especially good for the hair, and so are liver, kidney, peanuts, eggs, and brewer’s yeast. It’s a great pity that teenagers drink little or no milk as they grow older, for it’s nature’s most perfect food.

    So, whether you take your milk straight from the glass or mixed in custards and other dishes, be sure you get your daily quota.

    Meat, fish, and poultry – the protein suppliers – also affect the quality of the hair and, since sulfur puts the sheen into your locks, vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and turnips are important.

    A pep-up hair treatment every now and again always gives the locks a fillip. Your hairdresser can give you a good oil treatment, or you can do it yourself at home quite easily.

    Massage your scalp with warm olive oil (after brushing your hair thoroughly) until it tingles, cover your head with a hot towel and leave for 15 minutes, then shampoo.

    Pick a shampoo that’s designed to suit your own special hair condition – dry, normal, oily, or dandruff prone. Generally speaking, oily hair should be washed every five or six days and dry hair every 10 days.

    Always use three changes of rinsing water, or invest in a spray. Your hair must positively “squeak” with cleanliness after you’ve rinsed it properly.

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