22 Natural Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

Top beauty experts agree that wrinkles can be prevented with proper skin care and exercises. Here are the 22 best tips on how to prevent wrinkles:

facial exercises to reduce wrinkles on forehead and face

  1. Opening your mouth as wide as possible to lengthen the face, then squeezing it tight to make your face as small as you can.
  2. Rolling your head around in wide circles to help retain a firm jaw line and stretch neck muscles.
  3. Holding your mouth open and pulling down on the bottom teeth with your fingers, then trying to close your mouth against the pressure.
  4. Sticking your tongue out as far as you can to try to touch the tip of your nose.
  5. Puffing out your cheeks, rolling the air from side to side and blowing it out.
  6. Getting enough sleep: lack of sleep is a great skin ager. It’s an essential part of the beauty cycle which is why most beautiful models are rarely seen out late night after night.
  7. Avoid alcohol: excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates the tissues and enlarges the pores.
  8. Don’t wear makeup all day also dries out the skin. Even if you are going out for the evening, remove all your makeup and let your skin breathe. Even 10 minutes can make a beautiful difference.
  9. Never use extremes of water temperature. Too hot or too cold water will cause disruptions in tiny facial blood vessels that leave permanent red blemishes in their wake.
  10. Sun and wind are the two most damaging elements. If you are going out in the sun, always wear good sunglasses to prevent squinting and as protection for the delicate tissues around the eyes.
  11. Avoid smoking as it can discolor the skin and squinting from cigarette smoke hastens wrinkles on the forehead.
  12. Facial mannerisms create likely areas for facial lines. Use a special facial tape or sticky tape smoothed across vulnerable spots and relax, wearing it for as long as possible. Do not stretch or pull the skin when you remove the tape as this can also cause damage.
  13. Avoid tension and anger. Negative emotions are an open door to invite wrinkles. Learn to relax to ease tension. Closing the eyes and gently stroking the forehead can be beneficial. Wear well-fitting clothes and shoes: they also help you look more relaxed.
  14. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system and exercise regularly to keep your blood circulating evenly, ensuring your facial muscles are not starved of nutrients.
  15. Use a small massager to apply a light moisturizer on your face. Go gently in small circles around the corners of the mouth and eyes, where laughter lines and crow’s feet occur, making sure the skin is lubricated so you don’t stretch the tissues.
  16. Always allow plenty of time for thorough skin cleansing in the morning and at night.
  17. Avoid using soap: it can be a contributing factor in making the skin dry and harsh. Use instead a cleanser and toner suited to your skin type.
  18. Treat yourself to a facial sauna once a week to rid the pores of impurities. After treatment, splash your face with cold water, gently pat dry and apply a moisturizer.
  19. Use a light foundation and blusher rather than heavy creams and powder, to minimize makeup build-up.
  20. Discover your skin type and use the products created to suit it.
  21. Start protecting your face as early as possible to stall those lines that give away your age. And be sure you wear a protective cream every day.
  22. Every facial movement you make can cause a line, like crushing the fabric in a dress. If you use something to make your skin softer, the chances of wrinkling are kept to a minimum.

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