Best Summer Makeup Products

Almost everyone has gone through that horrible experience of looking in the mirror and finding that your mascara is sitting in a nasty grey smudge line under the lower eyelids. Worse still, it’s usually been there for hours, but nobody has mentioned it.

You scrub it off. But you’re going to be scrubbing it off constantly unless you change the way you put it on. The reason is, quite simply, it’s summer.

Summer brings dozens of new makeup problems. Well, almost every makeup problem can be solved simply if you understand the cause. Max Factor probably understands the causes better than anyone else. They recognize summer as the time when it’s hardest to keep makeup looking fresh and clear.

Going one step further to solving the problem, they have produced a range of cosmetics called Waterproof, geared to cope with every summer makeup problem. What this means is a collection of seven products that resist perspiration, swimming, tears, humidity. They just don’t budge under any condition.

Although summer does bring its bonuses, like a good suntan and banished blemishes, it’s the combination of humidity, air-conditioning, sweat and perspiration that calls for a new attitude to makeup.

The secret of a good summer makeup lies in using very sheer makeup (in winter we aim to look more made up to feel more colorful) and putting it on so that it lasts.

Here is Max Factor’s step by step guide to the perfect summer makeup. It is sheer (this range of base makeup is actually transparent so that your own skin glows through it) and it outlasts their other makeup.


Step one is crucial to any woman who suffers from facial perspiration – and most of us do. Astringent Foundation is a clear, green liquid. Dampen a wad of cotton wool with the lotion and spread it over perspiration prone areas – they stay dry for hours.


The next step and the first in any makeup is the base. Waterproof Creme MakeUp has a light consistency that’s super for lightly tanned summer faces. For the sheerest coverage put it on with a dampened sponge, spreading it across the forehead, nose and chin. Then take the sponge across the cheeks.


Blusher is next, and everyone needs it to give the face warm color, however healthy you look or feel. You have the choice of Waterproof Powder Blush or its sheerer sister, Waterproof Blush, a cream color put on with the fingertips.


Outline your eyes with your normal pencil – Max Factor’s Eyebrow Pencil is fine – and put on the shadow. The two waterproof shadows are Creme On Eye Shadow, an eye color on the tip of a wand for easy application. If you prefer a powder shadow, use Shimmer Shine Shadows – there are 10 waterproof shades.


Mascara is the item of summer makeup that must be waterproof. Lashmaker comb-on Mascara; Super Lashmaker, the three-in-one you can comb-on, roll-on or brush-on. There are three shades.


Lipstick is last but deserves lots of attention. Remember that in summer you can wear lots more shine or gloss. Gleaming lips look healthy and they reflect a finished makeup.

One fabulous new product from Max Factor, Frostshine Lip Color, seems to be one of the creamiest lip colors on the beauty counters. Max Factor say it outshines and outcreams their other lip colors. But, most important of all, it lasts. Frostshine is available in six shades.

Now your makeup is complete. Don’t powder it unless you really like a matt finish. In summer, shine adds a plus to the healthy glow below the makeup.

Summer makeup problems

Here are some of the questions readers have asked about summer makeup problems:

Why does any makeup streak, and what’s the best way to touch it up?

This is due to perspiration under the makeup. There’s no way you can touch up a makeup in a streaky state. Instead, clean the makeup off completely and start again. If you use Astringent Foundation under the base, it will block perspiration and eliminate this problem.

Even though I use waterproof mascara, it still runs. Why?

Sometimes this can happen if the skin under the eye area is moist or greasy as a result of too much eye cream. Blot your eye cream with a tissue then, to be sure your mascara really won’t run, press loose powder into the skin under the eyes with a soft cotton ball.

How do I hide peeling skin?

Take Max Factor’s Concealer Erace and draw a line along the skin where the peeling top layer is coming away from the rest of the face. Pat it into the skin. Now put on base makeup; the color to use is the darker of the two skin tones on your face. Tip: if you don’t tan your face directly in the sun, you’ll never have this problem.

When I’m making-up my face, and it’s difficult to even get the base on, what is the solution?

Astringent Foundation is like a skin blotter. Wipe it across the face before any makeup goes on and it will successfully stop perspiration.

If I don’t want to wear a full makeup because my light tan makes me feel healthy, what makeup is essential so that I don’t look completely bare?

Start with a base all over, and blusher for warm color. Then simply outline the eyes and put on two coats of mascara. Lips deserve gloss – clear if you want to play it right down, otherwise a color.

I have dark circles under my eyes. In winter I disguise them with a cover-up under the base. In summer I want to wear less makeup. How can I?

You don’t have to put a base over a concealer. Just draw on the concealer and then pat it into the skin with your third fingertip. Have you checked if you are getting sufficient sleep, if your diet is lacking in iron, or if you are slightly anemic?

In summer I seem to have large pores. I cleanse and always use astringent. What’s causing them?

Often they are hereditary and just seem to be larger in summer when you wear less makeup and there is more perspiration on the face. You should wear a sheer base to minimize them. Otherwise, a good face mask will tighten them temporarily.

My lips are always cracked in summer. Any solution?

Yes, when you put your moisturizer on your face, sweep it across your mouth, too. Everyone should do this. Then, always wear a creamy lipstick. It not only protects lips from sunlight and wind that are causing them to crack; it moisturizes them, too. If you don’t like colored gloss, go for a clear gloss like Max Factor’s Frostshine in Naked Gold.

How do I make my makeup last longer?

You can set it with a loose powder pressed into the skin when the makeup is completed. Remember, a powder blusher usually lasts longer than a cream blush, and generally a lipline tends to make the gloss stay on the mouth longer.

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