Remember when your skin showed not a wrinkle and your hair shined? The biogenic diet, based on raw foods, claims that you can rejuvenate your looks by slowing down the aging process.

Aging is a complex physical process. To prevent it occurring rapidly it has to be staved off from all angles at once – diet, exercise, how you care for your body externally and even how you think. But the easiest and quickest way to slow down, or even reverse, some of the changes associated with aging is by changing the way you eat.

The biogenic diet is quite different from other diets. Strictly speaking, it is not a diet at all, but an approach to eating for healthy people who want to look and feel younger, to fulfill their mental and physical potential and to explore their hitherto untapped resources of energy.

It forms a transition from eating patterns, which although they may have helped you avoid serious illness, have done little to improve your looks and vitality, to a different lifestyle where you are running smoothly in top gear.

Rejuvenation through diet can be measured by specific changes in the body before and after the diet – changes in the extensibility (stretch ability) of the skin and strength of the muscles, in the levels of cholesterol and high and low-density lipoproteins in the blood, and in the more efficient functioning of the liver, pancreas and digestive system.

Changes are also obvious in the improved strength and gloss of the hair, in smoother, fresher looking skin and a sleeker, firmer body. The biogenic diet also tends to re-establish the body’s proper weight, whether overweight or underweight beforehand, for it is a highly effective way of restoring a natural balance to the whole organism.

Although the medical establishment is only just beginning to acknowledge the potential of nutritional change, rejuvenation through diet is increasingly used by forward-thinking physicians, not only because of the great improvements it can bring to the lives of healthy people but because it can cure many ailments.

Doctors in California have used a raw diet on diabetics and found that insulin levels can be reduced and in some cases the need for insulin can be eliminated altogether.

In Mexico, the dietary approach to cancer developed by Dr Max Gerson continues to heal cases labelled terminal and in Switzerland and Germany some of the world’s finest clinics use a biogenic regime.

In Australia, a growing number of doctors, discontented with the single-cause theory of illness on which Western high-technology medicine is based, are turning more and more towards certain foods as a means of treatment.

Health Benefits of The Biogenic Diet

As well as detoxifying properties, the raw seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables which form the basis of biogenic rejuvenation have other remarkable qualities, which after years of research, are now beginning to be understood.

The natural, health-giving plant enzymes in raw seeds, grains, fruit and vegetables are destroyed by cooking. A¬†German researcher, Werner Kollath, discovered that although a so-called “normal” state of health could be maintained in animals fed on a diet of cooked foods, they eventually showed signs of degeneration in the same way as the average “healthy” person dies – chronic digestive disturbances and constipation.

The loss of minerals from their bones, tooth decay and rapid aging. He also discovered that the cells of their bodies reproduced at a slower rate and that their internal organs showed signs of degeneration, just as aging people did.

But when he put these animals on a diet of the same foods, but uncooked, these degenerative changes were avoided, and in the early stages many of them could actually be reversed.

Werner Kollath concluded that there must be some unknown factors quite apart from the vitamin and mineral content of plant foods which protect an organism from degeneration and are capable of rejuvenating it as well as healing a large degree of degeneration.

He referred to these substances as “auxones” – substances without which only a kind of “half-health” is experienced. This “half-health” is what most people on the typical Western diet appear to settle for.

Recently many biochemists have tried to find out what Kollath’s auxones might be. Research has shown that certain hormones which occur in fresh plant foods but are destroyed by heat, such as gibberellic acid, abscisic acid and the gibberellins, appear to stimulate the human immune system and help protect the body from illness and age-related changes.

Another chemist, Walther Schoenenberger, has discovered that other plant hormones known as the secretins help heal the body through a complex kind of feedback control which they can exert through the endocrine system.

Others have found that the volatile oils of plant foods favorably affect the digestive system and increase the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. All of these benefits from raw foods are combined with the high vitamin and mineral and essential fatty acid content which is greatly reduced or even destroyed by cooking.

It is hardly surprising that researchers have found that when they put healthy people on a raw-food diet they look and feel better than ever before. Top German athletes were put on a raw-food regime, reducing their protein intake from 100 grams a day to 50 – they grew stronger, swifter and more supple.

Before beginning any new diet, it is wise to check with your doctor.