Check Your Shower Sense

Check Your Shower Sense

The daily shower, bath, or sponge is an essential to health, good grooming, and to that general sense of well-being. Add to your daily bath a proper care of teeth, eyes, hair, hands and feet (not forgetting vital precautions against body odors, bad breath, and severity of accidents) and you come very close to the goal of being healthy and well-groomed.

Shower Safety

One of the danger areas in the home is the bathroom, and wet slippery floors are not the only hazard. Discarded razor blades are often left where youngsters can find them. The bath mat, smooth from use, frequently is allowed to remain unserviceable until it simply skids from under your feet.

Mother’s time is precious, of course, and there is always more to do than we can possibly manage, particularly where there are young children.

Slipping on the bath can be avoided if you don’t remove the plug until you are out. On the other hand, if you’re showering, it’s a good tip to leave the plug in.

Many people find it useful to place a rubber mat or piece of towelling on the bottom of the bath when showering. However, this can be dangerous too, and you may slip on it.

Shower Recess

With a little pre-planning a shower recess can be built to serve a triple purpose — for showering, as a foot-bath and as a toddler’s bath.

This may be done by building up the open side of the recess to 10 or 12 inches and providing a plug for the water outlet.

Dusty feet can then soak in the water as it collects from the shower.

Mother will also find it easier to bath toddlers here than in the big bath after they have outgrown the baby bath.

A piece of thick towel on the shower floor for junior, and a piece of sponge rubber on the bathroom floor for mother equips your toddler’s bath and makes the task of bathing youngsters less back-breaking for you.

Water Saving

The shower is one area which uses a lot of unnecessary water – wasting water means money down the drain. Old fashioned shower roses can use up to 200 liters of water if showering for 8 minutes.

Water and energy efficient showers are now established in the marketplace as an effective means of saving water, and energy.

The misconception that less water through the shower produces a poor quality shower is still in the minds of many, but a good quality product, correctly selected (or specified) and installed produces an excellent shower.

Water and energy efficient showers must be precision made of quality materials to produce a satisfactory shower, and this is a most important factor to look for when purchasing.

A quality product always costs a little more and a cheaper water and energy saving shower can be an expensive exercise. Many companies are now producing water efficient products. One of these companies is Pump Sales Direct.

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