How to Drink Alcohol without Getting Drunk

Many of us enjoy alcoholic drinks. As with anything that has potential for harm, it is useful to list guidelines which, if followed, ensure we drink within safe limits.

Four middies of beer or four standard drinks in your first hour of drinking can take you to the 0.08 blood-alcohol level. From then on, one drink an hour keeps you around 0.08.

A standard drink is 4oz of wine or a single scotch, brandy, or other spirits.

Do you know that the effects of some medicinal drugs, especially sedatives and tranquilizers, are increased by alcohol? Play safe and ask your pharmacist about your medication before drinking any alcohol.

Here are some tips for cutting down alcohol consumption:

  • Try to limit the times you drink.
  • Switch to low-alcohol beer.
  • Drink beer in smaller glasses than usual.
  • If you drink spirits, add more mixers.
  • If you drink white wine, try mixing it with mineral water — it’s a great new discovery!
  • At parties, use soft drinks or the new non-alcoholic grape drinks as spacers between alcoholic drinks.
  • Socialize more often with tea, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juices.
  • Be a good host: make sure you have a selection of soft drinks for guests who would prefer them or who are trying to cut down on drinking themselves. In other words, limit the amount of alcohol consumed. Do not just water it down and drink the same amount.

Take a cab home. The 0.08 blood-alcohol limit is reached faster than you think. Taking a cab is better than paying a $2,500 fine and losing your driver’s license, or killing someone.

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