Can Emotional Stress Cause Upset Stomach?

Why do some people get stomach upsets when faced with emotional problems? ls there any cure other than resorting to sedatives and tranquilizers?

In a remarkable way, the system’s intestinal apparatus reflects what is occurring in the subconscious mind. “Knot in the stomach” is axiomatic of mental problems.

When the pressures are on, when tensions run high and anxieties are rife, nervous impulses start to generate hyper-activity anywhere along with the bowel.

Examinations, interviews, a new job, stressful situations are notorious for producing these abdominal upsets.

Often the bowel will go into a spasm. This in itself may be painful, but gas can also distend other parts and produce additional pain and discomfort.

Peristalsis (the rings of contraction that pass down the length of the intestine to push food forward) increases in rate. This too produces a sensation of inner turmoil. It can also produce diarrhea. By causing the food to move at a faster-than-normal rate there is less time for the fluid to be absorbed in the large intestine.

Tranquilizers, sedatives and other forms of drug medication are merely a crutch. Certainly, they can dampen overactivity in this region, but the sensible idea is to get to the root of the problem and try to correct it.

Making a bid to avoid stressful situations is a good starting point. Avoiding the circumstances, people, events that are known to produce adverse reactions is worth a try.

Learning the art of mental relaxation is also very rewarding. This can be done, and many have learned the benefits to be gained. Yoga, meditation, and in recent times medical hypnotherapy are excellent in training the subconscious mind to react in a sensible, suitable manner to external stimuli. They gear the mind to cope with all incoming eventualities, and to handle all sorts of situations.

Indeed, many doctors believe the future in medicine lies not in producing stronger and more potent forms of drug medication, but in teaching people the simple basics of sensible living, together with the art of mental and physical relaxation. Cures along these lines may be long-term, in fact, life-long.

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