What to do when I am always tired and have no energy

What to do when I am always tired and have no energy

Anybody can be bounding with energy. There is no magic formula required just some plain commonsense.

Many people follow the rules quite naturally and they are the ones who always have plenty of peps whether it is the hottest day of summer or the middle of winter.

Most people are relatively fit and well. Of course, if you are unwell, your energy flags. But if you are fit you will find that you are quickly back on your feet at full strength.

Here are some of the key areas to watch to maintain good health and plenty of energy.


This is essential. Most people need about eight hours’ sleep every night. This is the time when the human system replenishes itself after the day’s activities. Deprive yourself of a full night’s sleep on a regular basis and you will quickly lose energy. But a good night’s sleep will get you off to a strong start each day.


Your body needs plenty of oxygen too. If you spend your days with windows and doors closed, surrounded by other people exhaling carbon dioxide you will quickly become lethargic and dreamy. So throw open the windows and doors. Let oxygen circulate. The more you inhale the richer and more effective your blood becomes, and the livelier you will become.


This is another aspect of the atmosphere. A cool environment is always more mentally and physically bracing than a warm or hot one.

Air-conditioned offices and homes and cars help maintain energy during a hot day. Heat and closeness breed sleep, as a warm fire or radiator during winter demonstrate.


The quickest way to feel washed out and tired is to have a conflict with someone, even if it is yourself. Conflict – such as worry or argument with your spouse, boss, girl/boyfriend – simply drains your resources of energy. If you want to stay alert, avoid situations that are likely to result in a fight.


The greatest single boost to energy is positive thinking. If you tell yourself at the start of the day that this is going to be the best day of your life, you are 90 percent of the way to success. Vitality, life, and energy will pump through your body.


The extension of positive thinking is to plan your day. If you sit down for two minutes each morning and write down an approximate program for the day ahead, you will find that everything flows easily. You will not be upset by what is going on around you and you will be able to aim at specific goals.

It may sound too easy on paper, but those who follow such a plan will tell you how it works. And your energy will be maintained throughout the day because you are mentally geared to achieving the goals you set for yourself.


Of course, your body must be properly nourished. This is an area where many people fail. A high protein, high vitamin diet is ideal. Carbohydrates are not sustaining, failing to provide the body with ongoing requirements throughout your day. Certainly, all foods contain starches, but a careful selection of what you eat will ensure a properly balanced diet.


Following on from eating, your weight will have a significant bearing on energy. Obese people find life much harder than those who are trim. Every pound of excess weight is merely an added burden for your body to carry around each day. It must absorb some energy. The heart has to work harder and all the body’s systems are overburdened. You must suffer both physically and emotionally.


One way to stay trim and fit is to make sure that you have plenty of exercise.

You don’t have to run three or four kilometers every day. Walk up the last few flights of stairs to work each day or walk to the next bus stop or walk home from the station each evening instead of driving. It is cheaper and you will begin to feel refreshed after a few weeks.


Finally, the fewer drugs and medications you take, generally speaking, the better off you will be. This does not include medicines prescribed by your doctor for specific reasons. Enormous amounts of drugs are taken needlessly by Americans.

In fact, recent medical reports indicate that we are one of the most drugged nations in the world, especially when it comes to sedatives. These are often unnecessary. We also consume an enormous amount of alcohol and tobacco.

The enormously high drug intake pattern can reduce energy, sap physical and emotional powers, and make life doubly hard when it should become progressively easier.

So check this list and give each point careful consideration. Are you giving yourself a reasonable chance at an energetic life? If you follow these general points, this summer could be the best you have ever had.

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