How to Get Prettier

Some beauty flaws we have to accept. But there are clever ways which hide the bad points and enhance the good ones.

What is the best thing to wash my face with?

It all depends on your skin. If when you wash your face with soap it feels good and really clean, it’s not bad for you, go ahead and do it every day. But if your skin feels tight and too dry then soap and water are too harsh for cleaning and you need a cream or milk cleanser. Try one that can be washed off and you still get that water feel. Always use a moisturizer after cleansing.

Why is it important to use a moisturizer?

A moisturizer simply means giving your skin moisture. During the day your skin loses its natural moisture when exposed to harsh things like sun, wind, air conditioning, pollution, and normal body functioning. To counteract those you need to protect your skin by both feeding it moisture and giving it a coat of protection in the form of a moisturizer.

The amount you need depends on your skin type. Too much moisturizer in areas where pore openings are enlarged can clog the pores, causing whiteheads under your skin. You need a moisturizer on the parts of your face that are dry, usually around the top of your forehead, down the sides of your face and your neck and around your eyes.

Is the sun bad for my face?

The sun is not only bad for your face, but it is damaging for all the skin on your body. The sun’s rays are far too harsh for white skin and it doesn’t take too many years before you can see that for yourself. We all want tans, but for your face, any sun is an absolute no-no!

You can achieve all the tan you want with cosmetics and something as easy as a tinted moisturizer. The sun ages because it dries your skin of its natural moisture and oils. If you go into the sun you must protect your skin, especially your face. with a product that suits its type. And please wear a hat.

What to do when you break out with pimples?

Your main concern is to keep your skin scrupulously clean all the time. Washing your face twice a day with a pure soap is one way to really clean the skin, then use a toner to close the pores. You should still use moisturizer but make sure it never touches the spotty areas. The next thing you must check is your diet. Try to eliminate any fried foods or really rich foods that are not natural. Skin also responds to fresh air and exercise, so get plenty of it, and gentle loving care – don’t pick or stretch it.

How do you do a complete makeover?

Keep looking through your fashion and beauty magazines to keep abreast of the latest styles and looks in makeup and clothes, and gather a collection of cut-out exercises to put into your daily routine, this is the best way to find a new “makeover” look.

For a new hairstyle go to a hairdresser, tell him your dilemma and have a brand new style that suits your lifestyle and hair. Check magazine makeovers for how-tos on makeup, or treat yourself to a professional makeup by a makeup artist or beautician. To get your body into shape, check your diet, and simply cut down on food intake, it’s the only way to lose weight. Then make sure you exercise.

How can I cover up acne scars?

These marks should eventually fade. Meanwhile use a light cover stick or cream, or foundation in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone on each scar and carefully blend well, this makes them far less noticeable.

How do I choose the right eyeshadow for my skin tone?

The old way to select eyeshadow was to match the shadow with the color of eyes, but these days that looks too obvious and old-fashioned. Instead, find a contrasting shade or match the color to something you’re wearing. A few general tips: blue eyes look great against grey, navy, violet or mauve shadows or just with black mascara; brown eyes take to smoky greens, greys or tan shadings; green eyes look good with mauve or purple especially, or taupe or cinnamon.

How do I get my lipstick to stay on?

Apply the first coat of lipstick, then, with a tissue, clamp down hard on your lips, pressing the tissue into them. This stains your lips with color, making it stay on longer. Then apply a second coat, after you’ve outlined softly with a lip pencil, which helps stop it “bleeding” up your mouth.

When you go to take a sip from a glass, slip the tip of your tongue between your bottom lip and the glass, saving your lipstick. Or there is a product called Lipstick Protector which actually protects your lipstick and makes it stay on for hours.

Where should I apply blusher?

Blusher is an important part of your makeup, but it can look awful and unnatural if not blended in well. To some extent, it depends on the shape of your face, but the general rule is to apply it high on the cheekbone and blend up and away to nothing at the hairline. If you want to create high cheekbones add a slightly deeper toned blush, applied sparingly, to the hollows of the cheeks.

What color foundation is best for Asian skin?

As complexions can vary greatly in tone, you really should experiment with different blushers and foundations. In general, you’ll find a foundation with a tawny tint that will suit you, and blushers in rosy tones are most flattering. Smoky brown or even lighter tan or cinnamon shades would be nice for your eyes, and apricot or claret-colored lips would be most complimentary.

How can I make my makeup last longer?

Once it has been applied, lightly dust all over your face with translucent powder. This helps set your makeup, even over your eyes. Dust with a large makeup brush. Also, give your face a light spray of mineral water; this also sets it. You can use a plant spray and fill it with either mineral or ordinary water.

What is the best exercise to firm the buttocks?

Lie on the floor on your stomach, with your arms behind you. Lift your legs, the calves and feet first, then raise the whole leg up in the air. Try to meet them with your arms, feel your bottom muscles stretch. Another exercise is to sit up and wriggle, straight-legged along the floor, forward then back. Stand up then and tighten your bottom muscles only, count to five, relax. Repeat several times.

What is the best diet?

The best diet in the world is simply not to eat so much food. If you want your body to lose weight it has to dig deep into the excess stores of fat to burn off energy you need. The only way it will start to dig into those fat stores is if you don’t feed it enough calories to burn, and make it work on the fat you already have.

How often should I wash my hair?

You can wash your hair every day if you like, but you need only to wash hair when it is dirty since the purpose is to get it clean! Some hair does seem to get dirty in one day, other hair doesn’t, but if you start the habit of washing every day, your hair will get used to that. You don’t want to strip your hair of all its oils.

Is conditioning your hair really necessary?

Washing your hair a lot and the harsh elements of modern life do take their toll on your hair. Conditioner gives hair a little extra body and helps protect it from dry wind, pollution, and smoke. As it protects, it saves your hair from drying out and split ends. Yes, conditioner is very necessary every time you wash your hair. Also, a natural conditioner is to make sure you eat plenty of protein, which feeds the hair.

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