How to Get Rid of Rashes and Skin Irritations Naturally

How to Get Rid of Rashes and Skin Irritations Naturally

In many cases skin irritations are caused from contact with a particular substance, such as strong or highly perfumed soap, washing powder and liquid, cheaper costume jewelry, cats, dogs, powder paints and cement.

Diet and stress can also aggravate skin complaints. Avoid cow’s milk goat’s milk is an excellent substitute – and refined, processed foods. Take plenty of wholemeal flour products, sprouts (especially mung beans and alfalfa), fresh fruit and vegetables, dried beans, lentils, soy beans, nuts, yeast, B vitamins, honey and sunflower and sesame seeds.

For general skin irritations apply aloe vera to the affected area, and drink aloe vera tea three times daily. Calendula lotion can be used as a soothing balm, put two tablespoons of dried calendula petals (available from most health food stores) and five tablespoons of glycerin in a small ceramic bowl in a saucepan of boiling water. Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and strain.

Discard used petals and store the lotion in a sterilized, air tight glass bottle. Apply generously to the affected area as needed.

Here are a few essential oils for skin irritations:

Tea tree lotion (which is the most common way to purchase the oil) will give soothing relief to dry skin, cracked heels, sunburn and other skin irritations (including shaving rash, nappy rash and chafe). A few drops of jojoba oil applied directly to the affected area will also give relief and help to moisturize the skin.

For skin that is already chapped make up the following oil and massage over the affected area. Blend 10 drops each of rose and chamomile, and five drops each of lemon and lavender with 30ml of almond oil. Store in an amber colored glass bottle away from direct heat or sunlight, and use within two months.

Chapped and sore lips can be eased by applying a mixture of two drops each of chamomile and geranium oils mixed with two teaspoons of aloe vera juice. And for cold sores, put one drop of either tea tree or chamomile oil on a cotton bud and apply it directly to the sore as soon as it is suspected. Repeat every day.

Cucumber is very soothing for inflamed and sore skin. Apply slices as needed directly on the affected area, or grate and massage the mixture well into the skin.

Psoriasis can be eased by rubbing a few drops of jojoba oil (pronounced ho ho ba, and available from health food stores and pharmacies) into the affected area as needed.

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