20 Best Homemade Relaxing Baths

Water temperature is the first thing to think of when you’re planning a relaxing bath. It mustn’t be too hot or you may burst tiny surface blood vessels. It shouldn’t be uncomfortably cool or you don’t get the full relaxation benefits. Experiment a bit and you’ll soon find the ideal temperature.

Homemade Relaxing Bath

Here are 20 ways to take a relaxing bath at home:

  1. Luxury Bath. A luxury bath scented with delicate oils protects your skin from dryness and makes you feel like a dream or a duchess. The oils soak into your skin soothing and softening it.
  2. Herbal Bath. For keen gardeners and flower children, a herbal bath has the freshness of mountain flowers and sweet-smelling herbs. Put into the bath a small handful of rosemary plucked straight from the bush, with some thyme, lavender or any other aromatic herbs you grow.
  3. Baby Soft Bath. Sensitive skin? Pamper it with a baby soft bath and products specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. Just toss in a large capful of baby oil, let it soak into your skin. Flick the oil off as you hop out, pat yourself dry and coat skin with baby lotion to seal in oil.
  4. Strawberry Bath. The strawberry bath is a deluxe way to give you and your skin a lift. There are strawberry bath gels on beauty counters, or you can make your own at home. Pulverize half a small box of strawberries in the blender and add to the bath. Let the hot water dissolve the pulp.
  5. Protein Bath. Try a protein bath to soften and smooth away dry, rough skin. Just mix in half a cup of skim milk. Soak at least five minutes to enjoy full benefits of the fat-free protein and it’s emollients.
  6. Soap Bath. If it’s the simple life for you, there’s nothing like a creamy soap bath. Place a bar of rich, scented soap under the hot tap. Suds will foam and you can sink into the bath knowing there are great benefits from a bath as elemental as this one.
  7. Exotic Oil Bath. An exotic oil bath, a scattering of patchouli perhaps, leaves you feeling like a tigress, soft and velvety with claws sheathed.
  8. Bubble Bath. Bubble baths are fun and full of cleansing agents. Pour in the liquid, let it bubble like crazy, then plunge in yourself. Soak 10 minutes after which all impurities will have dissolved away.
  9. Milk Bath. Milk baths soothe reddened or inflamed skin. Half a cup of creamy milk added to the bath water should do it.
  10. Citrus Bath. A tangy citrus bath will freshen tired skin. Squeeze juice of lemon or lime into the bath and emerge with squeaky clean skin and a peppy fragrance.
  11. Pine Bath. Pine bath has the same effect except that you combine pine essence with a squeeze of lemon.
  12. Soothing Bath. Balm to the body is the soothing bath flavored with eucalyptus, herbs such as chamomile, thyme, lavender and rosemary. Warmth of water releases aromatic oils, relaxing and calming.
  13. Beauty Salon Bath. The beauty salon bath is the way to soak before a special night out. Combine your favorite bath oil with a capful of baby oil and a small handful of herbs (preferably lavender); put them all in the bath. Put on a face mask as well.
  14. Cellulite Bath. The cellulite bath zips up the circulation and helps prevent those nasty dimply pockets of fat. How you do it: get into a hot bath armed with a scrubbing mitt, and use it on thighs, hips, wherever you suspect cellulite. A gentle kneading massage brings a warm glow to the skin.
  15. Sponge Bath. Try a sponge bath using real sponges for rubbing in the oils that revitalize your skin.
  16. Potpourri Bath. Take a potpourri bath and feel like one of your favorite flowers. Gather all the sweet-smelling petals you can find. Spread to dry then sew into a tiny muslin bag tied at the top and suspended by a ribbon under the hot tap.
  17. Sauna Bath. If you haven’t tried a sauna bath now is a great time. It’s HOT. Don’t stay in too long, five minutes is enough. The idea is to open the pores and let the dusty smoggy grime pour out. Be lavish with body lotion afterwards.
  18. Rose Bath. An old-fashioned favorite, the rose bath isn’t a long flower-plucking process any more. Pour in a cupful of rosewater.
  19. Country Bath. If you’ve tons of time to spare there’s the country bath, a long warm wonderful wallow. Into it put garden herbs, then scrub skin clean with a loofah and clear, soft soap.
  20. Health Bath. The health bath rests a tired body after sports or your get-fit program. Splash a herb-infused oil into the bath and lie comfortably while muscles revive.

People also ask

How to Have a Beauty Bath

How to Have a Beauty BathIf you want to turn your bath into a refreshing beauty treatment here’s how:

Always make the most of its soothing powers. Add bath oil to calming, just-warm-enough waters, or spike them with fragrant bath salts to soften your skin and relax you deliciously.

Use a back brush or a loofah mitt made of rough vegetable fibers, to speed sudsing and stimulate circulation. Coolest way to dry is not to use a towel but to drip dry.

But if you prefer a quicker method wrap up in a thick towel and let it dry you while you whisk on antiperspirant.

Pumice rough spots of soles and heels every day to save a big job later. Leg grooming is the next step, and you can trim and file toenails straight across while you’re at it.

A spot of cream on elbows, cuticles, and ankles too, is a smooth idea, and to finish off, a dusting of bath powder and a swift misting of spray cologne.

How to Take a Bath with Essential Oils

How to Take a Bath with Essential OilsA great way to relax and unwind is to lie back and luxuriate in a warm bath.

For a relaxing bath, take some finely ground oatmeal and cook it until it is soft, then transfer the mixture into a muslin bag. Hang the bag in the bath water so the liquid can work its soothing magic.

When essential oils are added to bathwater they will release their special properties to penetrate your skin, as well as exerting their therapeutic value through the inhaled vapor, to relax the body and soothe jangled nerves.

At night run a bath using chamomile, jasmine or lavender oil. Add about 4 to 6 drops of oil once the hot water has settled. Lie in the bath for 10 minutes with your eyes closed, and take deep relaxing breaths. The relaxing vapors will envelop you. For maximum effect close all windows and the bathroom door.

In the morning you can enjoy the benefits of fragrant oils with an aromatic shower. Oils that will invigorate and help you to keep you calm during the day are thyme, bergamot, marjoram and rosemary.

To start, dilute 10 drops of your favorite oil with 15ml of odorless vegetable oil. Rub your entire body with a little of this fragrant oil, diluted half-and-half with water. Plug the shower drain and while showering sprinkle in the same aromatics as the water collects. Your feet will benefit from the fragrant soak, while the ascending aroma will relax your mind.

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