The weekly and monthly economic indicators produced by the Bureau of Statistics and pored over by economic commentators and politicians mean little to the average person. While they may take a passing interest, they already know the news from first-hand experience. Ask the person who does the grocery shopping how inflation is running, ask the business […]

Never throw away old toothbrushes. They are invaluable for cleaning crevices in silver objects, typewriter keys, combs and even for touching up those odd strands of hair with color. If you would like to plant strawberries but don’t have a lot of spare garden space, use a length of guttering and drill a few holes in it […]

To assist homeowners contemplating a new kitchen the LifeTips.Top has offered some helpful design tips. Every family leads different lifestyles, hence every kitchen needs to be designed to support the varying needs of the family it serves. Existing space generally dictates the most practical kitchen configuration but all layouts revolve around five basic designs: the galley, corridor, […]