How do you treat damaged facial skin?

How to Heal Damaged Skin on Face Fast

Just occasionally it happens – you end up looking like a boiled lobster. You didn’t realize what was happening to your skin, and you certainly didn’t intend to damage it. But it happens to everyone at least once.

If you burn seriously, eight painless hours will pass before the agony sets in. You will look red and feel sore. You have done surface cell damage. Here’s what to do to save your skin.

Run a warm bath – too hot or too cold water over-stimulates the skin. This makes the blood rush to the surface. You’ve caused this to happen once already in the sun, so don’t do it a second time.

Pare away your clothing (and only wear very loose clothes for the next 24 hours) and get into the bath. Put in a generous capful of Badedas Gelee (rich in sunflower oil, lanolin, horse-chestnuts, vitamins, and oils) or baby oil. Soak for only five minutes and don’t use anything abrasive on the skin – not even a face washer.

Pat the skin dry with a soft, fluffy towel. When it is dry prepare for some lengthy body treatment. You could take Body Freshener, a refreshing toning lotion to relieve the skin of its soreness, or even old fashioned Witch Hazel.

Put it on with cotton wool and as the skin dries, blend in a rich body lotion. There’s a big choice in body lotions – Estee Lauder’s Apres Sun Cooling Moisture Treatment.

For the face, use Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Double Action Re-Moisturising Cream, double action because it goes into the skin to enrich it, then it sits on top and protects it. Or Lancome’s Adieu Rides, a special cream for eyelids and lips. Put it on for ten minutes then remove it – all the work is done in that short time. Then for a severe face, burn, Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Anti Wrinkle Revitalising Cream will be an overnight help.

Some of us need eight hours of sleep every night. Without it, skin gets tired, crepey, tender, and colorless.

It won’t accept moisture but needs it desperately. Like a drought, the body needs water inside as well as outside.

Start the day drinking a long glass of water – mineral water if possible. Drink it slowly and then breathe deeply. Continue to drink water throughout the day.

Now to restore the skin’s glow. Run a warm bath for the body, but before you get into the bath give your face a mini facial. Steam the pores open over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head. Then tighten them with a cooling, toning lotion, astringent or skin tonic.

Now put on a nourishing, reviving mask like Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Relax Beauty Mask. Estee Lauder’s Wake Up Mask, Revlon’s Brush-On Peel-Off Mask, or Clinique’s Beauty Emergency Mask. Soak in the bath for ten minutes and put Ella Bache’s herbal eye pads over the eyes.

Out of the bath, the big change will come with your make-up. Begin by nourishing the skin with a moisturizer. Severely tired skin needs Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Anti-Wrinkle Facelift Base. This cream is a make-up base that includes a firming mask. It doesn’t look or feel like a mask but firms the skin all day.

Take Yardley’s Cover Stick to hide those horrid skin blotches that come from a late-night or even lines under the eyes. Put your make-up on carefully and powder over the cover stick as well. Define the eyes carefully and keep your make-up soft. Eyes and lips are important so wear a warm color on your lips.

Splash on lots of scents and make sure your nails are painted – it all adds to feeling better. If your eyes still look tired, splash in some eye-drops and clean your teeth thoroughly for sparkling breath.

A final tip: over your make-up stroke Estee Lauder’s Sun Streaker; it gives skin an all-over glow.

Next time you are late to bed, remember to clean your skin. Instead of your night cream put on Lancome’s Stimulant, a shock treatment for tired skin; Lancomia, an anti-fatigue cream, or Elizabeth Arden’s Vitamin Cream.

During the day. if you still feel exhausted, take off the make-up, cleanse and nourish and re-apply it.

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