How to Look Pretty When You’re Feeling Awful

You’re tired out and look ragged … the body aches, hair is lank, makeup won’t set, a cold is coming and you feel all wrong. What’s to be done? Read on.

What is needed is an instant recharge. It might be a high energy protein drink (blend together 1 egg, ½ carton of natural yogurt and the juice of one orange) that you gulp back for breakfast.

Or a sudden hot shower with a spurt of cold, cold water at the end to snap you into action; a cup of lemon juice and boiling water or just masses of invigorating hair brushing.

Your face needs the biggest lift because it tells all the secrets of fatigue. Every woman’s face looks much better with makeup than without it. Trick your face into looking alive by soaking a huge piece of cotton wool in astringent and resting it over your face while you snatch a five-minute rest.

There are other face revivals. Make a choice depending on the amount of time you have. A face mask will clean, stimulate, and nourish the skin (don’t forget to put moisture on after it), or give yourself a facial if you have 15 minutes.

Steam your face over a bowl of hot water (throw in a handful of herbs such as rosemary). This will open the pores and release grime. Remove the pot from the stove and make a tent with a towel over your head. The vapor will waft up. Caution: Don’t steam your face over boiling water, it’s far too hot.

A shock revival! Splash your face with really cold water from a bowl that has half a dozen ice cubes in it for extra zing when the water hits your skin.

Of course, you could hide your misery behind a pair of dark glasses and pretend you can’t be seen. But that air of mystery will only last as long as the sun shines so start thinking of other things.

Hair for instance. Hair can affect your moods. Sometimes if you pull it tightly back off the face and into a neat chignon the face will feel clear, tidy, and uncluttered.

Use a dry shampoo if your hair is short and not so clean. Always brush it out well for the best shine.

For quick curls, a curling wand is the best answer. And if none of the foregoing appeals – wrap your hair up in a turban.

Really handicapped with a cold? Don’t hide under the bedclothes. Disguise your troubles with an inhalant stick to clear a blocked nose. Dry noses need moisture (Vaseline is good), and you can conceal the redness with a covering cream. Don’t forget lots of blusher for a healthy look.

Circulation is all-important. Good skin depends on lots of oxygen-carrying blood zipping along under the surface. Recline on the bed (on the back) with your head hanging over the end. Jump up three minutes later and pinch yourself all over. Soon you’ll be tingling.

Eyes will really tell tales of tiredness unless you soothe them. Ice-cold tea bags (used) will settle this problem if you rest them on the eyes for three minutes.

Now it’s time for some favorite clothes. Put on something smashing. Force yourself into the color that suits you best. Black, if that’s the color you feel stunning in, or bright reds and yellows if you like to look sunny. When the weather is cold wrap up, adding a scarf, hat, and gloves.

Tired feet reflect in the face. At the office take off your shoes under the desk. Wiggle the toes to relieve tension. If at home soak feet in a bowl of warm water with a dash of baby oil. Pinch the toes to get the circulation going.

Lips that are cracked and sore find smiling pretty hard, but they respond well to moisture. Carry a small jar of Vaseline in your handbag, so lips can always be coated – especially important during the winter (even in centrally heated buildings).

Badly cracked lips are best covered with a rich lip gloss rather than a flat lipstick, which shows up the flaws. Before the lipstick clean your teeth and freshen breath with a mouth wash. Rinse and gargle and smile!

If being alone is what you crave, lock yourself away for half an hour. It can relieve tensions and give you time to sort out problems quietly. Eat something delicious like a huge green salad and wash it down with a glass of your favorite fruit juice, or mineral water.

Slosh on the scent (without overdoing it) and turn on some favorite music. For just ten minutes lie stretched out on the floor.

Most of all indulge in whatever it is that makes you feel good. Inside your handbag keep a collection of lifesaving treats like a tiny bottle of scent, a silk scarf to hide away lank hair or brighten up a dull dress, a diary to note a special date and an extra $1 for a cheering surprise.

Reference: How to Be Naturally Pretty

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