What can you do with lemons for beauty?

The humble lemon can be used in many ways as a beauty aid. It is the basis of many expensive creams and lotions, and in addition to its value when applied externally, it has rich medicinal qualities.

Lemon juice is too strong for some skins, and in these cases, it should never be applied to the face unless it is first diluted with at least equal parts of water, milk or oil. The following are three simple face packs which will give excellent results:

Egg and Lemon Packs

These are for smoothing and softening the skin and for keeping it many shades whiter than it otherwise would be – even for sun-tanned faces these packs are good when the tan begins to wear off and leaves that dirty, blotchy look.

First, separate the yolk from the white of an egg, and beat the white to a stiff froth, gradually adding the juice of a small lemon. Apply the mixture to the face, neck and forehead, patting it very gently into the skin.

Allow to remain on for 20 minutes, and then remove gently with lukewarm water, finally rinsing with ice-cold water and drying with a soft towel. This pack should not be used more often than once a week.

Honey and Lemon Packs

These should be kept for special occasions and applied before dressing for dances or parties. Mix in a saucer two dessertspoons of lemon juice and a dessertspoon of honey.

When mixed, dab all over the face and neck, working in just a little with the fingers. Allow to remain on for 20 minutes and then sponge from the skin with cold water. This pack will leave the skin delightfully smooth, and makeup will have a velvety appearance for the whole evening.

Fuller’s Earth and Lemon Juice Packs

These packs are excellent for removing blemishes and lightening up the skin. Add the juice of one lemon to two tablespoons of Fuller’s earth, and mix thoroughly together until they form a stiff paste.

Then smooth the paste thoroughly over the face and under the chin. Allow it to harden and leave on for ten minutes. Remove from the face with warm water, finishing off with plenty of cold water.

Removing Makeup

Other external treatments which can be carried out with the aid of lemons are numerous, and a few of the most popular and successful are as follows:

To remove make-up at night, mix equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil and shake them together thoroughly. Pour some of the mixture on to cotton wool or facial tissues, and cleanse the face and neck viperously, using fresh lotion and tissues until the skin is thoroughly clean. This lotion is penetrating and cleansing and is excellent for relaxed skins.

If the back of the elbows is red, rough and horny, try cutting a lemon in halves, scoop out the center, and then rest the elbows in the half lemons. This makes the elbows satin-smooth and removes all traces of redness.

If the underneath part of the nails is stained with ink, wrap a piece of cotton wool around an orange stick, soak it in lemon juice, and use it to remove the stains.

If the skin is very oily, the following simple powder base is very good: Mix the juice of one lemon with an equal part of rose water and add five drops of glycerine. Dab this on the skin before powdering, and it will be found that it holds the powder beautifully, and prevents those annoying tiny grease-bubbles from breaking through the skin.

Smokers who have difficulty with nicotine stains should cleanse the fingers by rubbing briskly with a piece of cotton wool dipped in lemon juice.

Health Benefits

Doctors tell us that nothing but good can result from the daily lemon drink.

Dietitians say that lemons contain quantities of vitamin C, and that if we desire good health out systems must have plenty of this vitamin, and surely there is no more pleasant method of accomplishing this than by means of lemon drinks.

Lemon drinks are cooling to the blood, they help the kidneys throw poisons from the body, they have an excellent action on the liver, and they keep the skin free from minor blemishes.

If the lemon drink is a trifle sour, do not add sugar for sweetening – many authorities hold that this nullifies to a great extent the benefit which should be obtained from the drink. A better sweetening method is to add one or two teaspoons of honey.

First, place the honey in a glass and dissolve it with a little warm water, then add the juice of one or two lemons, fill the glass with water and sip slowly. This lemon drink taken every morning will help clear the skin and will be found energizing.

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