How to Maintain Your Beauty Through The Summer

How to Maintain Your Beauty Through The Summer

Summertime poses special problems to the fastidious woman who leads an active life and who has not very much time to spend on elaborate beauty routines. But daintiness is largely a matter of habit. In other words, it is the development of a personal discipline – the reflection of a woman’s attitude towards herself.

The necessities we all learn in childhood, but the details are something we have to work out for ourselves. To help you maintain your freshness and poise through the coming months, here are some shortcuts to achieve a lovelier, more immaculate you.

Eau de Cologne is a must in your handbag. Use it at odd times through the day on the neck and temples and as a luxury beauty treatment before that special date, give yourself a rub-down after the shower. It won’t clash with your favorite perfume and you’ll feel wonderful for hours.

Summertime means you have to pay extra attention to your cosmetics. Keep hand lotions, creams and odd lipsticks in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. You’ll realize the benefit after a long hot day in the office.

You cannot give your feet too much pampering, so start them off with a brisk rub-down with denatured alcohol, followed by a light dusting with talcum powder. Stockings are essential on the hottest days if you want to avoid calluses and corns.

Despite the temptation to take a cold shower, you’ll feel better if you have a warm one. Its more relaxing and you feel fresher longer.

Most of us suffer from greasy complexions these hot days, and a foundation only aggravates the trouble. A good tip is to apply a light pancake makeup with a wad of cotton wool soaked in skin freshener instead of water. It helps prevent shiny noses, too.

For the few minutes involved, it is well worthwhile to press your clothes each day, hang them up and put them out to air. Never wear the same frock or blouse two days running. It cuts down the washing, and they last longer.

Heavy eye makeup is definitely out in the daytime. Instead, concentrate on well-groomed, neat eyebrows, with a discreet touch of vaseline to the lashes. For a bright-eyed, sparkling look, drink at least two pints of water each day and use an eye-wash regularly.

We are all prone to develop that odd spot which mars an otherwise immaculate toilette. The secret is to cut down on sweets and fatty foods and to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Should one develop, dab night and morning with a good spirit-type cleanser and apply a little extra pancake makeup to the affected part before you go out.

Mouth freshness is essential to good teeth and a sparkling smile. Use a gargle regularly, and watch out for the new chlorophyll toothpastes. They keep your mouth sweet for hours and are an extra safeguard against tooth decay.

Another must is a good deodorant. Keep some in your bathroom, use after every shower, and encourage the rest of the family to do so. Some firms, now sell them in powder firm, and these are the best for Western climates, since they are easy to apply and are not affected by the heat.

The loveliest hair is apt to become dry and brittle with these dry winds, so about once a month treat yourself to an oil shampoo. For extra care, there are several excellent egg preparations on the market which are ideal for the weekly shampoo.

No matter how tired you are, never miss removing makeup before going to bed. Wash your face in warm soapy water, and follow with a cold rinse. To be perfectly sure, cleanse the skin with a light cleansing cream, or if you have an oily complexion, a spirit-type lotion soaked in cotton wool.

Although more hand problems arise in winter, they must be looked after during the summer, too. Unless you intend to develop an all over tan, try and keep them as white as you can. Wear gloves where possible and concentrate on keeping them supple and soft. This calls for the application of hand lotion after you’ve had them in water and last thing at night.

Take one night off each week and really give yourself an overhaul manicure, shampoo, hair set, a thorough scrubbing in a warm bath followed by a cold shower. Go to bed early with your favorite detective story and be sure you get nine full hours’ sleep. You will feel a new woman for another week.

The heavy, exotic perfumes which you wore at the winter balls are definitely not the thing for summer. Choose a light, flower perfume with a matching body cologne and make it a part of your personality. Use it behind the ears, around the hairline and the base of the throat, but never, never put it on your clothing.

Just because most of us lose weight during the summer is no reason to forget the daily dozen which was so important during the winter. Ten minutes’ exercise before the morning shower is an excellent bracer for the day, and it does keep the figure trim.

To ease feet that have swollen in the heat lie on the floor with a pillow under your head and your ankles high against the wall. Incidentally, this is an excellent revival if you are going out in the evening. Set your hair, cream your face and give yourself fifteen minutes at the very least.

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