50 Most Googled Beauty Tips and Questions

50 Most Googled Beauty Tips and Questions

Advice about beauty aids can often be misleading. Here are sensible answers and beauty tips to most googled questions about beauty.

1. What makes a facial soap different to an ordinary bath soap?

Ordinary soaps are generally attractively perfumed. To make this possible the soap must contain an amount of alcohol which holds the fragrance in it. This can dry out sensitive skin.

2. Why do some people say I must not wash my face?

Usually people are referring to a bath soap. If you use a facial soap there’s nothing to worry about.

3. How do I wash my face with a complexion soap?

First, splash warm water onto the face. Then lather your hands with the soap and massage it gently into the skin with circular movements.

4. Is cleanser enough to take off eye makeup?

Your normal cleanser will take eye makeup off eventually, but remover will do the job more quickly.

5. Does an oily skin need a toner or an astringent?

The thing that differentiates a toner from an astringent is usually alcohol. This is the substance that benefits an oily skin by drying up excess oil.

6. Do I need a moisturizer and a night cream?

Until you reach 25 a moisturizer is enough to use both night and morning. After that your skin dries out faster.

7. Could I be overusing my moisturizer if my skin is breaking out?

Yes, and many people do. You only need enough moisturizer to cover a 20 cent piece.

8. How old do I have to be to use eye cream?

You should begin to use it at about 25, and even earlier if you have fair, delicate skin that lines easily.

9. Even though I’m 18, and I use a moisturizer, I have lines around my eyes. Why, and how can I stop them?

You have inherited a fine, dry skin. Moisturize the area twice a day, not with moisturizer but the finest eye cream.

10. To cope with an oily skin I use an oil blotting lotion. I am told that it may have a bad effect.

No. What the oil blotter does is put a lotion over the face that absorbs excess oil on the skin. It doesn’t block pores.

11. I have exceptionally oily skin. Ideally I would like to go to a beautician to have it cleansed professionally every two weeks but I cannot afford this. Have you any suggestion for a “professional borne facial?”

Wash the face thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Steam the face over a bowl of hot water. Scrub the face with cleansing grains, rinse and put on a mask. Remove the mask, pat the face with astringent and put on a nourishing cream.

12. While most of my skin is oily, my lips are always cracked. What can I do to stop this?

In summer heat intensifies the problem. When you put a moisturizer on your face smear it across the lips too.

13. Does a mask really make a difference?

A mask stimulates circulation and brings healthy color.

14. What is Royal Jelly and why is it so famous for its ability to restore youth?

Because royal jelly was linked with the queen bee’s long life it was believed it must have age-retarding properties. No scientific evidence exists but much research has been started.

15. I’ve heard about a substance called collagen and I’d like to know what it is?

It is a substance that gives youthful skin its plumpness and elasticity. The amount decreases as the skin ages.

16. Should I change my brand of skin care from time to time?

Beauticians advocate that you should change the products, but not necessarily the brand.

17. Does makeup offer the skin any protection from the environment?

Makeup puts a shield over the skin that stops dirt entering.

18. What is the point of a makeup sponge?

The tiny sponge when dampened and smeared with your base will spread the color over your face more evenly than the most careful fingertips.

19. Is worthwhile testing the color of my base makeup on the inside of my wrist?

No. Even if you are standing in the middle of a department store test it on your face. The side of the cheek is best.

20. Is the same base makeup suitable for you at any age, or should it change as you get older?

It should change. When you are in your twenties and thirties you can wear a very sheer coverage. In the forties and fifties a heavier coverage is required. Later on, in the sixties you need to revert to sheer coverage again because heavier base will settle in facial lines.

21. I’m over 50 and my foundation becomes cakey around the eyes and mouth by the end of the day. What should I do to disguise those lines?

Change your foundation to a lighter texture and apply it over a moisturizer. The color of the foundation should be lighter than your natural tones.

22. I have dark circles under my eyes which I disguise with makeup. Instead of hiding them I would like to get rid of them entirely.

Circles are difficult to avoid. Concealing them with makeup is the best solution.

23. Why does lipstick run into the creases around my mouth?

Usually this occurs because the lipstick is too creamy.

24. What does powder do over my makeup?

It gives an even matt finish, it makes makeup last longer and powder over makeup is another layer of protection.

Most Googled Beauty Tips for Women

25. Why does mascara run under my eyes?

There is too much moisture on your skin. Don’t wear as much mascara and blot off any excess with a tissue.

26. I like to wear lipstick, but I’d also like to make my full lips look thinner. What can I do?

Apply skin-toned foundation to the outer edges of your lips, then use a lip pencil to outline your mouth, drawing the line slightly inside your natural lip line. Fill in with color.

27. I have plucked my eyebrows back too far and I plucked them from the top instead of underneath. How can I grow them into good shape?

Take a pencil and place it in an upright straight line from the inside corner of the eye running up to the brow. That point is where the brow should begin. To judge where it should end, run the pencil from the corner of the mouth to the outside corner of the eye. Where the pencil meets the brow is where it should end. When the brow is growing back fill in missing gaps with fine strokes of eyebrow pencil.

28. I have weak fingernails. I would like to paint them but I’m afraid that will weaken them more.

Varnish remover weakens nails, so use it as little as possible. Put on two coats of varnish plus a topcoat and the polish should last a week.

29. I am interested in cosmetic surgery and would like to know the name of a good plastic surgeon.

Only your doctor can answer this question. If you are not satisfied with his reply, you could write to the senior plastic surgeon at a major hospital.

30. Do I really need to condition my hair?

If you have extremely short hair, cropped close to the head, you might get away without conditioning it. But 99 percent of women need a conditioner.

31. Is it all right to wash my oily hair every day?

Yes. Although you’ll hear differing opinions on this subject, we think that if you feel better, you should wash it.

32. What causes the electricity in my long, fine hair?

The finer and longer hair is, the worse the problem. I wouldn’t suggest you cut it, but that you use a cream rinse conditioner after every shampoo.

33. I have very short hair but I want a change. What can I do, save growing it overnight?

You could stock up on combs and pins and hair decorations.

34. I live at the beach in summer. The end result is dried, bleached hair. What will I do this summer?

Remember to take along a big hat or scarf to protect your hair. After swimming rinse out the salt immediately.

35. My sister is the same height and build as I am, but she never puts on weight.

Your sister is probably more physically active than you and probably has a faster metabolism.

36. What are some good tummy fillers for a dieter?

Cottage cheese is super, so too is celery, a tomato or a cup of diet soup.

37. I have a tendency to put on weight around the waist and nowhere else, Is there an answer?

Do this simple exercise 20 times a day. Stand with feet apart and arms held out at shoulder level, and elbows bent into the chest. Twist the body hard to the right without moving the feet then hard to the left. Breathe out as you twist.

38. I love summer espadrilles, but my ankles have no shape. Is there an exercise to improve them?

Stand on a book with your heels hanging slightly over the edge. Stand high on your toes then drop down so that your heels touch the floor.

39. My feet get hot and uncomfortable during summer. What should I do?

Wear canvas rather than leather shoes and put talc on your feet.

40. What is the most effective method of leg hair removal?

This is really a personal choice. Women with fine leg hair can use a razor and women with coarser hair would probably find waxing more suitable.

41. What are sloughing products you read about for body skin?

A sloughing product is usually a mitt with a rough surface. It is massaged around the body very gently with soap to stimulate the circulation.

42. I don’t have time to put on body cream each morning. What’s the next best solution?

Just as good as body lotion is a bottle of baby oil. When you’re in the shower, squeeze some into the palm of your hand, then massage it all over the body.

43. When I get home after work my feet really ache, even though I wear comfortable shoes.

Sitting at a desk all day causes the body fluids to gather in the lower part of the body. When you get home put them up for 10 minutes to drain the fluid away.

44. What is the advantage of mineral water against tap water?

It tastes more pleasant and you can choose it with or without gas. An added bonus is that mineral water contains extra minerals (like iron and calcium).

45. There are brown patches on my face that become more noticeable during summer. What are they and how will I disguise them?

These spots are caused by overexposure to the sun, not necessarily last year’s sun. Wear a sunscreen daily in winter as well as summer.

46. Why do you advise a check with your doctor before dieting?

Unsupervised diet or exercise can be dangerous if you are not fully conscious of your body’s health.

47. Can I wax my eyebrows and will waxing harm my skin?

The skin around the eye is the most delicate on the face. Waxing pulls and stretches and detracts from its firmness.

48. Is it safe to pluck the hair out of a mole?

No. Moles can change color and shape and sometimes this can be sparked off by plucking hair from them.

49. Do I need a vitamin supplement as part of my normal diet?

Very few people need a vitamin supplement because most of us have a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

50. Does drinking alcohol have an effect on my body’s vitamin requirements?

Yes. Alcohol may interfere with the body’s use of B group vitamins.

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