Between 50,000 and 100,000 different chemicals go into the making and running of the human body. Nutritional Science has so far isolated and identified some 17 vitamins and co-factors, 24 minerals and 8-10 amino acids as being essential to the health and reproductive abilities of the human body. No doubt there are more, new substances […]

In many cases skin irritations are caused from contact with a particular substance, such as strong or highly perfumed soap, washing powder and liquid, cheaper costume jewelry, cats, dogs, powder paints and cement. Diet and stress can also aggravate skin complaints. Avoid cow’s milk goat’s milk is an excellent substitute – and refined, processed foods. […]

Since ancient times herbs, like chamomile, have been used as teas to ease certain ailments and to improve health. Today, they are just as appropriate, and also provide a refreshing taste alternative to conventional teas. Many herbal teas are now readily available as tea bags from both health food stores and supermarkets, are sold singularly […]