There are basically two different types of Life Insurance available. They are temporary and permanent. The temporary insurance is generally known as “Term” or “Renewable” Life Insurance whilst the permanent is generally known as “Whole of Life” or “Endowment” Life Insurance. Life insurance is mainly purchased to provide cover for a mortgage or loan, ensure financial […]

Studies show that both men and women experience jealous feelings, especially when threatened with the loss of an intimate relationship. But at least some jealousy may be actually beneficial, experts say, if handled with honesty and self confidence. Of all the problems people face, jealousy is the most difficult for both men and women because […]

Those with girlfriends that are driving you insane, take a moment to look at things from their point of view. You may be surprised at how reasonable their responses are, you may be pissed off that you’ve wasted x amount of time on an irrational attention seeker, or you may remain completely confused! Whatever the […]

Spells of protection, talismans, amulets, etc., can all be said to be forms of psychic shielding, varying mainly with the particular system under consideration or the terminology used. In other words methods and training may vary greatly, but essentially there is little or no difference in the basic occult laws and forces utilized. That magick […]

Since ancient times herbs, like chamomile, have been used as teas to ease certain ailments and to improve health. Today, they are just as appropriate, and also provide a refreshing taste alternative to conventional teas. Many herbal teas are now readily available as tea bags from both health food stores and supermarkets, are sold singularly […]