Think of milk and honey, oatmeal and cream; young ears of corn, fat apricots, juicy figs; and purple grapes and strawberries ripened in the sun; sweet-sharp tangy herbs and cold cucumbers and watermelons and the natural oils that come from sesame. Fresh, vitamin-packed foods essential in your diet are natural beauty aids. Wise women have […]

Here are observations on characteristics and development of young male members of the human species. In other words, here’s how to classify the boys in your life, and to answer the question: Should I date him? 1. LIFE OF THE PARTY He’ll be gay, talkative, amusing, with a repertoire of funny little stories, most of them wildly exaggerated. He’ll like […]

Once you get the job you’re after, your next concern is keeping it, and at the same time, looking toward advancement in terms of salary increases, higher status, and greater responsibility. What skills are required for the job? Whether you’re a teacher, shop assistant, secretary, or nurse, you will find that job relationships tend to become quite […]