Summer motoring can be fun or hard work. There are ways of keeping cooler, avoiding problems and fixing some in a crisis. There are games for bored, cranky children, and countless uses for baby’s cotton diapers (nappies). Here’s a question-answer checklist for summer driving before setting off. What will we take for our comfort? Fruit juices (natural) […]

The physical activities which have enjoyed the biggest growth including walking, swimming, jogging, cycling and yoga, etc. which have also been the ones most heavily promoted for their health benefits, indicating that this is the major motivation for taking up exercise. The 10 physical and psychological benefits of exercise Immunity to heart disease Prevent illness in general Relief […]

Feeding a family is a costly business these days so it’s important to get the best food value possible for your money. 40 tips on buying and storing foods will help you gain maximum nutrition: Don’t over buy fruit and vegetables – vitamin content is lost with storage. Buy just what you need, keep refrigerated, and eat […]