In many circumstances common, natural substances found in most homes can be used as home remedies in first aid situations and for the treatment of minor complaints. What could be simpler than salt, apple cider vinegar, cold tea, bicarbonate of soda, ice cubes and lemons! Aching Feet: add salt or bicarbonate of soda to a basin […]

The greatest danger period for children is between one and three years old. Children of that age will eat anything. Taste is no deterrent to a young child. Iron tablets, spirits and even aspirins can seriously threaten your child’s life. Learn to minimize the dangers. Here are 8 ways to help eliminate the danger of poisoning: Know what […]

Basically there are two types of exercise, one which stretches the joints for the purpose of increasing mobility and the other for strengthening the muscles. Both types of exercise are usually necessary, and both give an indirect benefit to the body by increasing circulation in the muscles and the joints involved. Here are the top 7 […]

Never throw away old toothbrushes. They are invaluable for cleaning crevices in silver objects, typewriter keys, combs and even for touching up those odd strands of hair with color. If you would like to plant strawberries but don’t have a lot of spare garden space, use a length of guttering and drill a few holes in it […]

Freshly picked salad vegetables from your own garden not only taste better but contain more vitamins and minerals than those that have been harvested for several days. If you are establishing a vegetable garden, choose a plot that is at least 2 meters square and remember that vegetables taste sweeter if maximum growth is maintained from […]