Protect Yourself From Psychic Attack

Protect Yourself From Psychic Attack

Spells of protection, talismans, amulets, etc., can all be said to be forms of psychic shielding, varying mainly with the particular system under consideration or the terminology used. In other words methods and training may vary greatly, but essentially there is little or no difference in the basic occult laws and forces utilized.

That magick is real, is a fact beyond question. It operates along defined physical laws, as clear-cut as any scientific laws, the main problem being generally a lack of information about the operation of these laws. In other words, the average magickian has not obtained enough information about these magickal laws to enable him to define them in the needed terms.

One problem that confronts the magickal practitioners sooner or later, is that, as they develop more magickal talent, their awareness and sensitivity to “magickal reality” intensifies. The experienced magickian, thus learns that he is really much more vulnerable to harm from magickal sources, than he believed to be the case, when he was a novice.

At such a stage of his development then, an awareness of psychic shielding and its techniques is a vital necessity, enabling him to continue his training in a stable magickal environment.

Forms of psychic activity

The two major forms of psychic activity likely to be detrimental to the practicing magickian, are as follows:

  1. Ambient psychic “static”, generated by close contacts who are genuinely distressed or psychically panicked, usually without their knowledge. This “static” is usually generated by people who have no idea of the harm that they are causing; and usually is derived from their anger or frustration. Motive is not the important consideration; however, such psychic activity can be just as harmful to the recipient as the most deliberate psychic attack.
  2. Deliberate attack (on a psychic level) from a person motivated by dark or evil desires, desires such as jealousy, vengefulness, hatred, etc. In such a case, the attacker knows full well what he is doing, and is acting with deliberation. Hence, in this form of attack, motive is very much in evidence.

Now, as all magickians know, in both ritual and ceremonial magick, the best projection image of an object is achieved by projecting the object itself. In other words, the best symbol for a dagger; is a dagger itself; or referring to psychic shielding, the best barrier against psychic attack is a barrier built of a substance well known to the person building that barrier.

This psychic shield then, should be visualized as being constructed of a material in which the magickian has absolute confidence, for example, bullet proof glass, armor plate, cone of power, etc. When you visualize such a shield, you construct that shield, from psychic matter, on a psychic level, hence, it is REAL in this respect.

Plan carefully

Plan carefully; how well you have planned, is reflected in the effectiveness of the psychic shield you build.

  • Imagine a cylindrical dome (something like an inverted test tube) shielding you alone, on all sides, and touching the floor. It is symmetrical, and made of toughened glass.
  • Become aware of its existence. Know its location in the space around you. Know how big it is. Familiarize yourself with its existence and location.
  • Be convinced that it will in no way interfere with your physical or psychic vision. Know that it will repel all forces of a negative nature (“bad vibes”) while allowing all positive forces (“good vibes”) to freely penetrate it. Know also, that it cannot be broken by any forces outside you.
  • Add mobility to the shield; key it to your own movements. As you move, your dome moves with you. Render it weightless; so that it presents no encumbrance in any way. See that it functions in the manner of a well built, fully portable protective shield, with of course, you firmly centered inside.
  • Initially, check the shield at least daily, as you become more experienced, this can become weekly, or even monthly. But do remember, keep it clean, well energized, and free of all psychic contamination.

NOTE: If you are aware that you are undergoing a deliberate, strongly motivated psychic attack, it is possible to silver your dome on the outside; creating the effect of a one way mirror with you looking out. The silver coating you have added, will deflect any psychic attack; usually bounding it back to its originator.

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