Tips to Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin

We are all aware of the dangers of spending too much time in the sun, especially if exposed skin is unprotected by a suitable blocking cream. Skin damage can occur very quickly and may result in premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, and the possibility of skin cancer.

To avoid these problems, it is essential to wear a sunscreen or keep covered up, when exposed to the sun.

Even when taking precautions, a day outdoors in summer can still leave your skin feeling hot and sticky. To remedy this apply a natural, after-sun soother; it will reverse sun damage, and leave skin with a cool and refreshingly clean feeling.

You will need 4 tablespoons each of cucumber juice, watermelon juice, aloe vera juice, rose-water and witch-hazel solution, chamomile tea, and vodka sufficient.

To prepare the cucumber and watermelon juice, cut the fruit into large chunks after their skin has been thoroughly washed.

Process in a juice extractor; boil the juice for 5 minutes, skimming off any scum, remove from heat, cool and allow to drip through filter paper, then add the required amount to the recipe.

Mix the juices, rose-water, with-hazel solution, and cold chamomile tea and add 2 parts liquid preparation to 1 part vodka. Stand 12 hours and then drip through filter paper, continuing to do so until clear. Store in a tightly sealed bottle.

Apply generously to skin, rubbing well in.

Sunburn cream: This cream will ease sunburn, help to repair damaged skin, and replace natural oils lost through excessive exposure to the sun.

Melt 25g beeswax and 50g glycerin together in a double pan over a gentle heat.

When completely liquid stir in 75ml rose-water, 15ml jojoba oil. Remove from heat, pour into a ceramic bowl, add 12 drops essential oil of marigold (Calendula oil) and beat until the mixture cools.

Store in a sterilized, screw-top glass jar.

Use liberally and rub gently over affected areas of skin.

Remember, sports, gardening, and other leisure activities obviously mean greater exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

You can only tolerate 12-20 minutes of exposure to sunlight before sun-damaged skin may occur, so adopt a sensible attitude when outdoors.


Isn’t it simply unnatural to use sun cream and sun oil? Shouldn’t people who don’t endure the sun just keep clear of it?

There is no need to be so strict. Without the sun, man couldn’t exist. The problem is to consume the right quantity of solar radiation. If people feel comfortable in the sun, they can very well expose themselves to the sun.

But they have to protect themselves with a good sun protection product and keep to the directions given with each product. It is worthwhile to read the instructions of use.

Most people want to get their tan much too quickly. This is wrong. Too much sun at the same time accelerates the natural regeneration of the skin. As a result, it becomes white again very soon.

A tan only lasts if it has been acquired slowly. In addition to that, it is better for your health if you tan step by step, if you take several days. In this manner, no skin cells are damaged.

Should sun protection products be massaged into the skin or should they just be applied?

The product should compound easily with the skin. On the other hand, it is not advisable to massage and pull too energetically in the face and on the neck. The skin consists of approximately 100 million cells. So be tender with yourself if you apply cosmetics.

Is it correct that one should do without soap during the holiday?

Yes. Sun, saltwater, and sand are stressing the skin quite a lot; soap would stress it even more. A little bit of sweat can be washed off too without using, burning soap.

People, who have to take medicine, may they expose themselves to the sun?

They should in any case ask their doctor first. A large part of medicines produces – under the influence of solar radiation – photodynamic effects. Allergies, reddenings, or eczemas can result from it. But also some species of grass can cause photodynamic effects. So it is not advisable to sunbathe directly in the grass.

What do you recommend people to do against sunburn?

If it is rather serious (dark red skin, you are in pain and cannot sleep) see a doctor. A harmless sunburn can be treated with a mild alcoholic lotion. If you have nothing at hand take yogurt as an expedient. Apply it gently.

Under any circumstances, never use olive oil. This would be absolutely wrong and dangerous. Avoid, by all means, any further sunbathing.

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