Should I Date Him?

Should I Date Him?

Here are observations on characteristics and development of young male members of the human species. In other words, here’s how to classify the boys in your life, and to answer the question: Should I date him?

1. Life of The Party

He’ll be gay, talkative, amusing, with a repertoire of funny little stories, most of them wildly exaggerated. He’ll like all the “right” kind of music, food, and books and will dress suitably.

He’s not good-looking and may be fairly short, so he covers his sense of inferiority with a bright personality. He has some good male friends, but girls mostly distrust him for insincerity and selfishness.

Just the same, he’s probably devoted to his maiden aunts, is a hard worker and a good son. He’ll end up as a solid family man, and although his job is fairly conventional he’ll be a success.

2. The He-Man

He’ll be muscular and well-built, a mad footballing fan. Probably he does bodybuilding exercises and has a sporting activity nearly every evening.

He doesn’t like too much intellectual talk, but he gets “in the groove” with jazz.

He’s very popular with his many male friends, because he has a hearty sense of humor. He treats girls very casually, seldom dating anyone regularly, and they love it and him.

He’s not very clever, probably only has a routine job, but he’ll eventually be a kind husband and an adoring father.

3. The Shy Guy

He is the boy who will always look after the girls without a fuss. He doesn’t take much part in the conversation, but when he speaks he’s worth listening to.

He may be good-looking in a quiet way, hut he’s not romantically thrilling. If he summons up enough courage to ask you out, he’ll bring you chocolates or flowers, ask you where you want to go, and have you home by your parents’ deadline.

He has the most important quality of all, kindness, and though he’ll never set the world on fire his wife will adore him, as long as she is not the pushing, ambitious, social type.

4. The Great “Lover”

He’s easy to pick. He’s a pseudo-intellectual, he’ll dazzle you with his knowledge of just about everything, be crazy about classical music, deep novels, and girls … in the plural.

He is good-looking, easy to talk to, probably drives a sports car, and has a good job and plenty of money.

He boasts about his kissing conquests to his mates and your reputation will be in shreds if you go out with him. Unless you’re willing to risk being hurt, don’t trust him, because he’ll be a playboy all his life.

5. The Rebel

He may be a beatnik, or an intellectual, but he’s always “against the Government,” a mixed-up kid. He trades on it.

He doesn’t care what he looks like, prefers offbeat music and reads madly modern novels. While he’s young he’ll be casual and undependable, particularly with girls. He probably has a crowd of friends very much the same type.

Underneath the rebel act he’s a genuine, likable person. When he has worked it out of his system he’ll settle down and be a perfectly contented suburban husband. Maybe even dull.

Here are 7 tips for conversation on dates that will keep him asking you out again and again:

  1. Listen properly to what he says.
  2. Have your own ideas on things.
  3. Don’t be one of those people who must always be right.
  4. Never criticize him – not even gently.
  5. Don’t tease him except in a flattering way, and not too much of that.
  6. Don’t try to be clever.
  7. Don’t be afraid of silence. When you are at ease together without talking at all he’s your boy.

The success of an all-day date depends on you. It doesn’t matter if it pours with rain during the picnic or all the restaurants were closed as long as you treat all these things as relatively unimportant and manage to keep your temper and see the funny side of things – in which case the day will be a big success.

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