Ever considered how much your nose, with its acute sense of smell, can tell you about that person standing next to you?

It can suggest romance, excitement, nostalgia. That’s why spending just a few cents a day on perfume means so much. It’s a kind of personal seal on your mood. But don’t go overboard using too much or neglect to use it enough.

There are many ways to surround yourself delicately with fragrance from early morning through to midnight.

Notes for gardeners

Gather your rose petals and other faded blossoms and recycle them into sachets. Let them dry among a few cloves and other spices. Center them in a square of pretty material (with pinked edges), pull the corners together, and tie with a ribbon. Toss them into your clothes drawers or wherever you’d like that “summer-all-year-round” reminder.

Fragrant lights

Switch on a favorite fragrance next time you turn on the bedside lamp. A few drops of oil-based scent on the light bulb does the trick. The heat from the bulb releases the scent in the same way heat from your body releases the perfume you wear.

Fragrance everywhere

Don’t throw away empty scent bottles. Tuck them into drawers or the wardrobe to get the last of their lingering enchantment.


This is made easily by collecting flowers and drying them in the same way as for the sachet. Fill pretty jars with the dried flowers and leave them around the house. The fragrance will remain and the dried flowers, if colored, will contribute to the decoration.

Perfume that lingers

Reinforce fragrances with a bath oil, talc, and even a body lotion of the same scent. There are many co-ordinated fragrances.

  • Avon’s Charisma in a cream sachet, talc and after-bath freshener.
  • Yardley’s Sea Jade with soap, cologne, all-over shampoo, foam bath and hand lotion.
  • Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Luxuria with milk bath, moisturizing bubble bath, shower foam gel, cream soap and super moisturizing body cream.
  • Guy Laroche’s Douceline with a soothing bath oil, bubbling bath, dusting powder and body milk lotion.
  • Cyclax’s Joie De Vivre in a talc, hand lotion, bath soap and spray mist.

Now that your skin is scented here are five more ways to a fragrant mood:

  • Put a few drops of scent in the rinsing water after a hair shampoo.
  • Add a few drops to the last rinse of lingerie laundry.
  • Spray linings of drawers and wardrobe.
  • Saturate tissues with fragrance and leave them among clothes.
  • Always carry a purse-size bottle of your favorite scent with you. It can give your spirits a lift in those moments when they begin to sag.

To choose a perfume

Experiment. Go to a department store and try two different perfumes each day until you find one that suits you. But never try more than two at a time.

Why does perfume cost so much?

In every perfume, there are dozens of different kinds of flowers, grasses, roots, oils and fixatives blended over a period of time. Then compare the price with the months the fragrance will last you – and the cost is small.

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