The Five Ages of Teenage Love

The Five Ages of Teenage Love

In a recent American survey it was found that 78.4 percent of all teenagers were in love or had been in love. And two out of every three of them had been in love more than once.

There are five ages of teenage love: 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18.

14 is when the important thing is being WITH a boy, and expressing your emotion.

Love is liking somebody an awful lot; being faithful to one person; dating one person; talking on the phone for hours to one person.

You’re in love when you like a boy so much you’d like to run up and kiss him.

15 has two extremes: getting affection (rather than giving it) or believing that love means utter and total sacrifice of self.

Noble as this sounds, it is immature. Love is giving and receiving – a mutual exchange. There are things that are a part of you, the things which make you a full human being that should not be thrown over or given up for love.

Love is when each party concerned is willing to give up everything for the other person. Each must be able to share both happiness and sorrow. I think that anybody my age is much too young to be in real love – that is, love to last you for the rest of your love.

Love is a wonderful feeling of someone showing his affections towards you. You feel that you have someone who wants you and cares about you.

16 is the year when most girls begin to evaluate boys on the basis of character.

Love is a mixture of respect, compatibility, common interests and ideals, common principles and goals, plus emotions. To love someone is to want to give your life to helping him with his goals and making them your own.

If you can see his faults and still think he’s wonderful . . . if you would just as soon spend an evening talking to each other as going to a party . . . if you want to help him, love him, and live with him forever after thinking of how long forever is, then that’s love.

17 emphasize that love must grow, and that it must be mutual.

Love is a constant growth of appreciation, respect, and confidence towards the other person and similar tendencies in him. It is the trust and faith that two people share that increases.

Love is mutual respect between two people, genuine liking for that person, some one whose company you enjoy and can act natural with. Above all, love is between two people. It is not “I am in love with him or he is in love with me” but “we are in love together.”

18 is the age when most of you begin looking for lasting love, love that is realistic and based on sharing.

Love is acceptance of a person with his faults and a feeling of security, affection, sharing, confidence, and togetherness with him. Love is also trust and understanding. If I can picture a marriage and children along with an intellectual meeting with a boy, I feel. I could be in love with him.

Love is a combination of many things physical and mental. It is the actual giving and sharing of everything unselfishly . . . the caring for the welfare of the other party concerned.

Real Love is when you know you can share the rest of your life with him, when your quarrels end in greater understanding and not in hidden anger, when you respect him as another person and don’t try to make him a mirror of yourself.

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