Herbal Remedies

Whether you’re looking to improve your skin, treat toothache, or sustain energy throughout the day, herbs have it all!

Herbs are the seeds, roots, stem, bark, flower, or buds of a plant with medicinal properties. Herbal remedies have been used since ancient times in all parts of the world. And it was the primary source of medication, and health treatment before modern medicine came into play.

Although pharmaceutical medicine is an advanced form of herbs, they come with many side effects, which leads many people today to take a step back to herbal remedies.

Why Herbal Remedies?

The most common answer you’ll get to this question is the minimal side effects, which I will cover in this article. Apart from that, the effectiveness of a treatment depends on its convenience and ease of use. All of which fall in favor of herbal remedies.

So let’s get started with the health benefits of herbal remedies because of which we see such a massive shift in the trends of medication worldwide.


Herbal remedies are ingested in many different ways. You can brew herbs with tea, take capsules, steam them, and apply them directly to wounds and skin.

The mild properties of herbs make them the most convenient to use in your daily life. If you’ve only been using herbs to enhance your meals’ flavor, you are missing out on a lot.

For example, CBD vapes are the leading tools of treatment for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. And it happens so because of how convenient it is to use. You only need to change the CBD vape cartridge every month or so and carry it around with you. Any slight moment of discomfort in your day, and you can take a hit anytime and anywhere.

Even though hemp products like cbdvapejuice are top of the market herbal remedies these days, they aren’t the only ones. Other convenient herbal uses include the ease of blending them in your meals and drinks.

Suppose you’re a regular user of cinnamon and rosemary in your dishes for a flavorful bite. In that case, you’re reaping the health benefits of the herbs as well. Unlike medicine, brewing your cup of tea with chamomile will relax your mind and body, killing two birds with one stone.


You may think something so outdated will not stand a chance in treatment against modern medicine, but that’s one side of the picture.

Herbs are used in different cultures of the world to treat various illnesses for centuries. And the recent research indicates there might be more weightage in herbal treatments than we previously thought. A concentrated compound in pharmaceutical medicine is not necessarily more effective than a dilute but a mixture of compounds in herbs.

Chronic diseases like Epilepsy, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, and even Cancer treatments can be found in herbs. The fact that resorting to herbal therapy is often more successful in treating these conditions says a lot about herbs’ effectiveness.

It is sometimes the mixture of all the various compounds in a herb that proves to be most effective. For example, CBD is one out of 80 active compounds present in hemp and cannabis. And according to studies, the best and most effective form to take CBD is with equal parts of THC and other compounds. Unlike the 3% clearance granted by the FDA, all combinations make the product more natural.


Coming over to the most important and awaited section, the side-effects of herbs give them a significant advantage over pharmaceutical medicine.

Since the modernization of medical drugs, great concerns of side effects are coming forward along with effectiveness. A specific drug’s effectiveness to one part of your body may induce several side-effects along with it.

On the contrary, herbal remedies are most well-known for their minimal to no side-effects. Unless a person has specific allergies, herbs are relatively mild and do not cause much harm.

As in psychiatric drugs, they are beneficial for treatments and brew immediate results. But on the other hand, it causes insomnia, paranoia, digestive disorders, severe headaches, and bipolarity, to name a few.

And for the same use, herbs like chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon, and hemp treat mental health issues effectively. And that too with little to no side-effects.


The awareness of the use of herbal remedies is growing as people are showing more concern regarding side-effects. Herbs are something that you can very naturally include in your daily meals and routine. And while enjoying the distinct flavors from around the world, you reap the health benefits as well.

However, making a sudden shift to herbal remedies might sound tempting. But you should never take such a step without consulting your doctor or pharmacists.

Calling prescription medicine by yourself may induce many side-effects. But more than that, you need to consult your doctor or pharmacist to be sure that the herbs you want to take do not cause side-effects and reactions to the medicine you take.

Chances are, your doctor may recommend that same thing in the first place. But it never hurts to do a double-check and be absolutely sure.

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