No Date, No Problem: Six Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself

No Date, No Problem: Six Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Yourself

With all the #couplegoals posts on social media, date-night dinner specials and lovey-dovey cards, we often forget that Valentine’s Day is not about being in a relationship — it’s about love. In other words, celebrating the holiday doesn’t necessarily require a significant other. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to show yourself a little love. And since you don’t have anyone else to buy for, why not treat yourself to a lavish little gift this Valentine’s Day?

There are so many ways to practice self-love on February 14, but here are half a dozen of our favorite gifts for making yourself feel special — no S.O. needed.

1. Candles that smell heavenly

Maybe you don’t bother buying candles because it feels like a luxury item. Or maybe you do buy them, but you hardly ever light them because you’re waiting for a “special occasion.” This Valentine’s Day is that occasion. Pick out some candles with the most appealing scent you can find and arrange them around your bedroom or living room — wherever you plan to spend some time relaxing on V-Day. Not only will they make the room smell divine, but they’ll also offer a gorgeous glow of ambiance in your home. It’s the perfect lighting for curling up with a book, listening to music you can vibe to or even having a solo dance party.

2. Luxe lingerie or loungewear

It goes without saying that sultry unmentionables are a pretty popular gift on Valentine’s Day. But why should you have to wait for someone else to give them to you? This V-Day, treat yourself to some luxe designer lingerie. Or if that’s not your thing, consider gifting yourself cozy new loungewear to relax in. Either way, there’s something oh-so-indulgent about slipping on a lacy teddy or silk kimono robe when you’re enjoying a solo night at home. Even the most casual activities, like watching a late-night movie or whipping up some brunch, will feel so much more indulgent while wearing brand-new lingerie or loungewear. Plus, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’re bound to get a little boost of confidence — and who couldn’t use that on Valentine’s Day?

3. Scented bath oil

A relaxing bath feels extra luxurious when you’re used to taking a speedy shower to clean up. It’s just about one of the simplest yet most effective acts of self-care you can engage in on Valentine’s Day. But if you want to take things up a notch, add a scented bath oil or bath bomb. There’s something about adding a scent to your soak that makes it feel even more indulgent. You can also bring a good book or a glass of wine, tea or spa water in with you to add another sense level to the ritual. Just don’t be surprised if you end up staying in the bath far longer than you planned to — a soothing scent may make it hard to get out of the tub.

4. A luxurious face mask

If you’re dying for a little pampering, there’s no reason you should have to head to the spa for a luxurious skin treatment. You can simply buy a single-use face mask to try at home that will leave your complexion feeling refreshed. There’s a wide variety of face masks to choose from that can meet your specific needs, whether you’re seeking hydration, anti-aging, a more even skin tone or an enviable glow. And if you’re looking to take your at-home spa experience to the next level, you can pick up some under-eye masks or a lip mask, too. Eye masks can target such issues as puffiness, fine lines and dark circles while lip masks are meant to exfoliate and hydrate your mouth so all your lip products will go on smoother. During frigid February, any of these masks makes a phenomenal way to give your skin that extra TLC it probably needs.

5. Your indulgent beverage of choice

For some, it’s a spicy Zinfandel. For others, it’s an effervescent prosecco. Perhaps it’s a refreshing mojito or a rich, creamy porter. Whatever your cocktail, mocktail, wine or beer of choice is, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to splurge on it. You can enjoy your go-to beverage while taking a luxurious bath, watching your guilty-pleasure TV show or painting your toenails — the choice is yours. Just remember to savor every sip. Oh — and drinking it out of a fancy glass definitely helps elevate the experience.

6. A silk pillowcase

If you’re eager to have shinier, healthier looking strands, a silk pillowcase is just about the best gift you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day. Whether you know it or not, a cotton pillowcase can be pretty rough on your tresses. A silk case, on the other hand, causes less friction. As a result, you’re less likely to see as much breakage. Not only that, but cotton tends to absorb all the natural oils in your hair that keep it looking shiny — whereas silk does not. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair out or simply want more lustrous locks, this is one present you’ll definitely thank yourself for. Besides, laying your head down on silk is sure to feel super extravagant.

Who says you need a date to enjoy Valentine’s Day? With no one else to buy for, you might as well buy yourself a little something to make the day feel special. Treat yourself to any of these indulgent gifts and you’ll hardly feel left out on February 14.

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