What is fatigue a sign of?

Don’t disregard fatigue. It’s nature’s way of saying “It’s about time you paid a bit of attention to yourself. If you can’t fix things then you’d better find someone who can.”

Doctors have a trick to find out whether or not fatigue is serious, that is, whether it is a simple symptom or an alarm signal.

Mild fatigue makes a person talkative. You are not a worrying case if, having paid a visit to your doctor about your fatigue, you have talked, talked, and explained, and finished by setting out, almost unaided, your diagnosis.

Basically, you want to see, written black on white and on headed paper, the doctor’s prescription for bounding health that you have not the will to impose on yourself all alone.

But perhaps you are a tired person who does not want to talk about it? Perhaps you have been living for some time 24 hours out of 24 with a fatigue which doesn’t leave you even when you go to bed? And which wakes up with you?

In this case your behavior, your character may well have altered although you haven’t noticed it. Your family and friends do not like to tell you about it.

And you yourself make a mistake in your reasoning. You think: “I have a pain here or there. Something is wrong because I am tired.”

No. You are tired became you have a pain here or there, or because something is wrong.

This kind of fatigue will go away when the disorder or illness is cured.

If you have fatigue with frequent headaches, blurred vision, or burning eyes, you should see your doctor. He may send you to an eye specialist.

If you are tired, listless, and pale, and your nails have become thin and fragile, it is possible that you have become anemic. Your doctor can help you.

Fatigue may also be one of the symptoms of a serious disorder, such as appendicitis, growths, kidney trouble, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, or one of several other internal troubles. But there would be other symptoms of any of these troubles as well, and these, quite apart from the fatigue, should send you to your doctor.

But be sure to go.

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