What is The Best Cure for a Hangover?

If hangovers are a common and disabling problem, the cure is really very obvious. By avoiding the cause you’ll avoid the aftermath. Sensible living (and eating and drinking) is entirely in your own hands.

Reducing the amount of alcohol intake is a good starting point before you suffer the pangs of remorse (physically and/or mentally) the next day.

Often the degree of a hangover is related to the actual alcohol intake. So, stick to low alcohol content products rather than the higher ones. Beer is about the most innocuous. Spirits of course are among the highest.

A good sleep is often the simplest way of helping the intestinal and brain systems get back to normal – 8 to 15 hours (depending on the availability of time) is a good starting point.

Putting some sort of soothing coating over the stomach can often make you feel better abdominally. Simple antacid mixtures and tablets may assist.

The mental dilemma that often accompanies a hangover is not so readily fixed. Time heals in most cases. The usual range of sedatives and tranquilizers is not really recommended, for these often aggravate the position and are believed to be unsafe as a general measure. They should never be taken before or during an alcoholic excursion. It can make the body quite unsafe. Many deaths have been reported over the years when these drugs are intermixed.

Plenty of simple chilled water can often help clear the brain and wash the excessive remaining amounts of alcohol from the system. It may also help remove other by-products of metabolism.

Add a dash of lemon if you desire. It’s bitter, and the flavor is often attractive under these circumstances.

The fewer forms of drug medication that are taken the better. Do not swig masses of APC-type preparations, for these can add to gastric and intestinal irritation, and do little to help the brainpower.

Moderation at the party, eating less greasy type foods, and smoking less can also be factors that could make your potential hangover the next day less at the point of purchase.

Give it some thought.

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