What is The Best Treatment for Tinea?

What is a good treatment for tinea? I’ve tried various remedies claimed to cure, but without effect.

There are many good anti-fungal products. This means they kill off fungi, the type of germ that produces tinea.

However, so many people perspire between the toes, and because the feet are wrapped up in nylon gear and leather shoes all day there is no chance of the sweat drying out.

Then, tinea develops and gradually becomes worse, and antifungals haven’t a chance of doing their job properly.

So widespread is this problem that the American Medical Association recently offered some very good advice. They suggest that an application of simple aluminum chloride 30 percent should be made. Use a cotton-wool-tipped applicator and paint onto the affected parts morning and night. Within a few days (three or four, maybe a week), the trouble will clear up amazingly.

After this, there may be no need for further treatment. Anti-fungals may then be applied. More civilized, however, is simple tolnaftate liquid, applied twice a day for a few more days.

This routine seems to help greatly.

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