What to do when you’re feeling tired all the time

What to do when you're feeling tired all the time

American actress, singer, and author tells how she discovered the secret of unlimited vitality, using a special diet, self-hypnosis, and other means. Follow her advice and be transformed.

Are you a victim of the Human Energy Crisis?

Are you drained at the end of the day, and sometimes at the beginning, and do you feel once in a while that life isn’t worth living?

Are you often tired and do you drink gallons of coffee to rev up your motor?

Do you smoke a lot because cigarettes give you the lift you need?

Do you usually have a drink before lunch, and maybe a couple or more during the day?

Do you hover between anxiety attacks and bouts of depression that leave you limp as a noodle?

If you answered yes to even one of the above and feel you need to use any kind of “‘upper” to get you through life, you are definitely a victim of the Human Energy Crisis.

We’ve heard a lot about energy shortages but the most important energy is the one that runs our personal motors, that gives a zest for living, that lets us absorb life’s problems and keep on going with a smile, knowing that nothing can keep us down.

It’s not the having of problems that can get us, it’s how we cope.

If you were to ask people what they would like if they could have anything in the whole world they wanted, most would say energy.

Energy is everything

Energy is great health. Energy, rightly channeled, will get you anything you want – love, friendship, money, power, success, fun.

Now, what most people don’t know is that energy is not that hard to get once you know the secret.

Before I learned this secret I smoked a lot and drank cups and cups of coffee to stimulate myself. These were the “uppers” I needed to get through the day. I’ve since found that most people need these things, plus lots of sugar.

Sugar is mistakenly thought of as an energy booster; all it does is give you a short spurt up, then you plummet down and get depressed until you eat more sugar – a vicious circle. It’s bad for you, and it’s found not only in the sugar bowl but in cakes, pies, biscuits, soft drinks, bread, spaghetti, macaroni, and other starchy things.

Before I discovered my great energy secret I was tired and falling apart physically at a very young age.


The true energy food is protein, and the more you eat the better. If you feel you need energy take a hard-boiled egg or a glass of milk or a handful of sunflower seeds (fantastic for your eyes!) and see how good you’ll feel – and not only for 10 minutes but for hours. You’ll have no sharp drop in energy either. It’ll be longer-lasting and steadier than sugar energy.

Orange juice

A friend gave me a book on nutrition and I started to take notes. Now, everyone has a different body chemistry and different nutritional needs. My requirements for Vitamin C are very high. I always drank a glass of orange juice in the morning but that was never enough for me. I increased my orange juice consumption and felt better.

Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is the highest form of all the B vitamins. I went to a health store and bought powdered yeast (don’t make a mistake and buy baker’s yeast – it’s bad for you) and started taking it. Well. I can’t tell you about the energy I began to have. My tension lessened right away; and since tension is trapped energy, all the released energy was mine to use.

Everyone who knows me today comments on my enormous energy and great health, and I can honestly say it’s not a thing I was born with.

When I started taking the yeast I put it in orange juice; the taste bothered me. Not enough to stop me from taking it – nothing could stop me from that – but I used to keep a spoon of peanut butter or a couple of peanuts or a small piece of cheese (because they have a strong taste) next to me, and I’d quickly pop one of them into my mouth to kill the yeast taste. But then I invented my milkshake!


I hereby guarantee that anyone who takes a milkshake every morning for breakfast will start to feel incredibly great and will begin to have enormous energy and a terrific sense of well-being. If you tend to be tense and anxious and get depressed easily, you will be amazed at how quickly these problems vanish. Also, you’ll start to look better. Your skin and hair will improve.

For this recipe, buy powdered torula yeast or brewer’s yeast. There are several brands on the market and they can usually be found in most health food stores. Next, buy a jar of granulated lecithin. Now start the recipe:

Into a blender pour: 2 cups skim milk, 1 tablespoon safflower oil, 2 packets (or equivalent) sugar substitute, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Start the blender on low and add 4 heaped tablespoons powdered yeast, 4 heaped tablespoons lecithin.

Stop blender, cover, and put in the fridge overnight. The overnight cold for some reason changes the taste of yeast from awful to good. The next morning put the blender on high and whip till foamy for about 30 seconds.

When finished drinking, make tomorrow’s batch and put it in the fridge till the next morning.

When you start out, use only half a teaspoon of yeast for the first couple of days, then go to one teaspoon, then two, then one tablespoon, then one heaped tablespoon, etc., till you reach four heaped tablespoons (about three weeks).

You should start right out with four heaped tablespoons of lecithin. Powdered yeast is all protein, no fat. (Remember, don’t take uncooked baker’s yeast by mistake.) Powdered yeast has more B vitamins and more all-around nourishment than any other food. It’s wonderful for the skin. It’s a fabulous way to diet. Take it just before a meal and you won’t overeat – you’ll push the food away because you’ll be full up!


Now for looking after your body. You only have one and that’s got to last a lifetime.

If you have a swimming pool nearby, that’s the greatest exercise – swimming uses every muscle and it’s fun. And tennis is great, my favorite.

When you’ve got as much energy as you will have when you start to down the yeast and lecithin, your body will begin to feel so powerful and sensational that you’ll wonder how you ever existed before you learned how to live!

There’s a terrific yoga breathing exercise that’s so simple it takes only about five minutes, but it clears out all the stale air and fills the lungs with oxygen and makes you feel sensational.

The very first thing you do in bed in the morning as soon as you wake up is slowly exhale through your mouth all the stale air from your lungs, and when you reach the point where there’s not a drop of air left, hold it for five seconds, then very slowly inhale through your nose until your lungs are completely full. Repeat this four times.

By the end of the fifth exhale your mind will be so alert you’ll be startled. What a terrific way to start the day. Another good thing to do in the morning before work is to run or jog.

Stop smoking

Smoking causes wrinkles of the skin and destroys nerve tissues. Lots of people feel that it’s too late to stop smoking – that all the damage is already done. But this is wrong.

Three large groups of people were tested in a recent study – nonsmokers, heavy smokers, and heavy smokers who had given up cigarettes at least six months ago. There was no difference between nonsmokers and heavy smokers who had quit six months before.

If I can quit, anyone can. I used to smoke at least one pack a day. But I must admit I don’t think I could have stopped without the yeast milkshake to calm my nerves. It helped incredibly.

Because cigarettes are an addiction – no less than heroin or any other drug. It’s just that you can function with ciggies and you can’t with heroin. But the damage to your body cells is enormous. You will go through actual withdrawal – ask anyone who’s kicked the habit – but the yeast will help pull you and your nerves through.

Lots of people need a drink before they can do anything; they feel it loosens them up. But if your body is loaded with yeast and vitamins you’ll be relaxed all the time. All that ugly tension you’re used to feeling in your body will disappear and a fantastic feeling of well-being will take over.

Avoid alcohol

People drink because they’re afraid – they may not consciously realize they’re afraid, but fear is in the head because tension is in the body.

Alcoholism is mostly a physical problem. If you cure your body’s chemical imbalance with yeast and vitamins you will find the craving for alcohol has left. Scientists believe that nutritional deficiencies cause the desire to drink.

Change your self-image with self-hypnosis

We’ll deal now with self-image. We don’t realize it but we’ve all been taught the beliefs we have today.

If we’re successful we carry an image of ourselves as a deserving success but if we’re not we carry self-images of failure and doubt.

When we were kids we were programmed by parents, teachers, pals, into believing we were certain types of people. If you constantly heard how stupid you were, you eventually believed it and have subconsciously believed it all your life.

What has to be done is reprogramming or self-hypnosis. The self-image must be changed to one of a terrific person – kind, bright, thoughtful of others, fun-loving. And why not? Who among us isn’t capable of doing something well? No one is a genius in all areas but every one of us has some area where he or she can shine. Auto-suggestion can completely change your life.

When you go out to do something, you either believe you can or you can’t do it. For instance, if you go out for a job interview, either you believe you should get the job, or not. The more you believe you can do it, the more positive self-hypnosis you are using; but the more you believe you can’t do it, the more negative self-hypnosis you are using.

People generally think of hypnosis as only a trance-like state where one person has control over another. But that’s not true. Hypnosis is a direct line of communication from the conscious to the subconscious mind, which is a vast reservoir of power and is generally untapped by most of us. All a hypnotist does is tap the subconscious mind to get us to do so-called superhuman feats.

Now, if an outsider can reach our subconscious so can we. There are a knack and an art to doing it, but it’s really worth practicing. We can program our subconscious to accept anything we want it to. We can tell our subconscious we want to be smarter, and once our subconscious accepts this we will release hidden powers of intelligence we never knew we had.

Just as we were programmed as kids by all the adults around us, we can now change it by the same means – repetition of belief.

Thinking positively will get rid of compulsive thoughts and tormenting fears that many people can’t get rid of except by blunting or dulling them through tranquilizers, booze, or mind-changing drugs.

A sensible way to make contact with your subconscious is to stand in front of a mirror and stare into your eyes and talk aloud to yourself. Tell yourself exactly what you want out of life.

If you really wish to do something get your subconscious to do it for you. If you really want to stop smoking because you know how awful it is for your body, get your subconscious mind to do all the work.

Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself you are quitting cigarettes. Every chance you get, look into a mirror, and tell yourself the same thing and explain to yourself that every cell in your body is going to get really healthy. And when you’re not around a minor, visualize your face and repeat your desire.

Before you fall asleep tell yourself you’re quitting. When you wake up in the morning repeat your desire. You will reprogram your thinking and without realizing it you will soon lose your desire for a ciggy.

This is self-hypnosis: it really works. And you can use it for losing weight.

But just as the positive works, so does the negative. If you keep repeating downers about yourself and others – like “I always catch colds” and “People are all out to get me” – you’re hypnotizing yourself into accepting these negatives.

Why not use this enormous power to do something or get something that will make you happy? If you want money, close your eyes and visualize all the things you’d like to buy – a gorgeous wardrobe, a groovy car. a fantastic apartment, a yacht – go all the way.

When you do your mirror work, tell yourself exactly what you want. Start with the wardrobe (if that’s what you want first), look right into your eyes and tell yourself you want your subconscious to get it for you. Those of you who don’t think I’m completely bananas and who really try this will get what you want.

There are doers and there are knockers. The doers aren’t afraid of failing (or if they are they overcome it) and are busy trying to accomplish. The knockers are the critics of the world. They sit back and judge everything – nothing is spared.

When they taste a glass of wine, it’s not as good as it might have been. When they see a play, it’s not as good as it might have been.

Against Self-Criticism

One of the most draining and enervating of all emotions is self-criticism, regret. To regret having done anything is self-defeating. “Why did I tell him that? Why did I pick this job instead of that other better one? What a fool I was…”

The only foolishness is allowing this kind of thinking. At the time we make decisions we weigh everything and do what we think is best. If it doesn’t turn out so hot we castigate ourselves and that’s dumb.

It can be much the same with guilt. Castigating yourself for having done something you consciously or unconsciously think is wrong or “bad” is wasted energy. If you believe what you’ve done is bad or wrong, resolve never to do it again and then forget it.

But first, analyze your action and see if it’s really so awful. Did you hurt yourself? Did you hurt someone else? If so, realize that was a phase of your life you had to go through, an experience you had to know. An ego must be built up through mental processes so that a person is above worrying over other people’s opinions. Once you’re sure of yourself you’ll do your best job, know it’s your best job, and forget about it.

Press on, full steam ahead. If your concentration is pointed in one direction and no other thoughts intrude, that’s the basic working of tuning in your subconscious, which is the “doer” part of the mechanism known as “you.”

Most of us are embarrassed by our egos. When we pass a mirror or our reflection in a window we sneak a glance and guiltily wonder if anyone saw us. Why should we feel guilty about wanting to look good? There’s so much guilt around that this is only a tiny one, but I believe it colors everything we do. If we can’t feel proud of our looks and happy to see a well-cared-for body or a nice new hairstyle then we’re being dumb and illogical.

Build a healthy ego

To have a healthy and strong ego you must concentrate on accomplishing what you consider important.

Just know what you really want, imagine what fun it will be when you’re successful at it, and be persistent until you get it. Don’t let anybody – including yourself – talk you out of it.

When I got rid of the tension and really became a doer, my ego got stronger because I was beginning to do some things that I felt were important. And the more I accomplished, the stronger my sense of self-worth, or my ego became.

People will accept us at our own evaluation. If you like yourself and think you’re terrific, most people around you will too.

If you don’t like yourself, don’t despair. There’s a foolproof, 100 percent effective way of changing this around.

Let’s assume that all your life you never were too crazy about yourself. You realize the importance of self-image and how powerful a good self-image can be and you’ve tried to tell yourself you’re really a nice person – not a knockout but nice.

You’ve tried to sell yourself this but it doesn’t work. You just won’t or can’t buy it. How can you convince yourself you’re really worthwhile?

There is positively something you can do to make yourself like yourself. You have to do something to make liking yourself seem logical – something so that yourself will say: ”Hey, I’m a pretty terrific person – I accomplished something!”

You can start with something small, such as promising yourself that every day for a week you’ll climb the three flights of stairs to your flat instead of taking the lift.

It sounds simple, and it is simple. There’s just one catch. Once you promise yourself something you must keep the promise, or you’ll really hate yourself for not keeping it. That’s why you start out with something simple and fairly easy.

Of course, it’s a good idea to make the accomplishment something that’s good for your health or otherwise beneficial. Maybe promise yourself to learn how to play the guitar and practice 10 minutes a day. Or start taking my morning milkshake for one month. Set a time limit: you can always extend it if you want.

But remember – once you make the commitment to yourself to do something, you must carry it through.

We’re here on earth – why, we ask. If we feel it’s for nothing, how can we be happy?

But if we feel it’s for a reason, whatever the reason, we can feel worthwhile. And whatever we do to feel worthwhile, be it discovering uranium, visiting hospitals, becoming premier or whatever, is a logical and intelligent thing to do.

Go ahead, pick out some little thing that’ll improve you in some way, no matter how small, do it and see for yourself.

See if you don’t start feeling a little more self-reliant and start liking yourself a little more – which if you keep it up, will be a lot more.

What a super feeling: “‘Hey, I asked myself to do it and I did it. Wow! I’m really something. I never knew I was such a terrific person!”

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